"We can see the engagement and conversion rate per channel and can make informed decisions on where to..."
Martin Sieber
Co-Founder & Vice President of Product
"Installs are nice, but they don’t matter when you’re working with a high-engagement product such as o..."
Gunnar Böke
Head of Marketing and Business Development
"I like working with Adjust for two reasons the first is the simplicity of the tool, and the second is..."
Ivan de Quercize
Mobile Channels Lead
"Adjust were very present. They knew how to set their projections, they knew how to reassure us about..."
Fakhredine Haddad
"Adjust has given us the tools we need to tie our desktop and mobile data together, giving us a more c..."
Kamal Taylor
Head of Consumer Online Marketing
"We can track interactions in our app in real-time to see how our users engage over their full lifetim..."
Vivian Wang
Senior Marketing Manager
"According to the ad industry, TV has been ‘dead’ for 10 years. But we haven’t found that to be true...."
Aleksej Koscejev
Global Head of Offline and Performance Marketing
"As a marketer, it is really easy to use, and all of our partners are integrated with it...."
Cassandra Chernin
Senior Manager Digital Marketing Apps & Display
"Adjust has built a very solid bridge between partners in an extremely fragmented mobile marketing eco..."
Mariya Katernyak
Mobile Marketing Lead
"We've been working with Adjust for the past three years across a number of different apps. It's helpe..."
Olivier Oudiz
Head of Ad Tech
"Adjust's fraud prevention tools give marketers peace of mind and transparency into the traffic they a..."
Paul Longhenry
SVP of Strategy Corporate and Business Development
"Adjust is an important tool for us to optimize our campaigns and marketing performance. Their clean a..."
Tina Li
Marketing Manager
"Adjust gives us the tools we need to be even more efficient at media buying, from their in-depth anal..."
Deniz Tunaoglu
Business Head
"The cart abandoners is one audience that is key for us. These are users who are on the verge of conve..."
Kavish Barapatre
Director - Marketing
"By having the Fraud Prevention Suite implemented, it’s almost impossible for fraudsters to even find..."
Robert Garfinkle
User Acquisition Manager
"The customer support and tech support is far above other partners that I've worked with...."
Mark Powlen
Head of Growth

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