"In the nearly 20 years I have been doing monthly beverage inventories, I have never been so impressed..."
Boyd Holk
Clubhouse/Food and Beverage Manager
"I would like you to know that I am very grateful for the acquisition of the AccuBar Handhelds and the..."
Jaime Correas
Food and Beverage Cost Controller
"Working with AccuBar is like having an accountant 24 hr-7 days a week on call. It gives full trust in..."
Sam Hazen
"We have just opened another Blue Fish location in Houston, Texas. Once I placed an opening liquor ord..."
Vyacheslav Fish
"I’ve been a fan of AccuBar for years, and I love what it does for Margaritaville. For our restaurants..."
Todd Connell
Corporate Beverage Director
"The tools it’s given us when used properly have allowed us sustainable growth with a very close eye o..."
Logan Purser
Director of Operations
"It seems rare that a product is all that it is advertised to be these days. AccuBar was introduced to..."
Steve Henderson
Vice President of Operations
"I, as the instructor, use the iWineList daily during our pre-service meetings, Each day I sample 1-2..."
Samantha Burgess
Instructor of hospitality and service management
"We are still evaluating the full impact of the AccuBar system, but have already noticed some benefits..."
Tony Halfpenny
"AccuBar is a very easy, handy tool to help you achieve anything and everything you can think of with..."
Lindsey Shaw
Beverage Manager
"I recently acquired a little pub in Ft. Collins, Colorado . Part of the reason I bought this pub was..."
David Wentz
"With the old system it would take up to six hours to count then enter the inventory. With AccuBar it..."
Dallas Boelman
"Our beverage costs have dropped approximately 10% since using the AccuBar system. Over the course of..."
Martha Drescher
Controller/Human Resources Director
"When the prices we pay change, Profit Watch helps tell us how much of a margin we are or aren’t makin..."
James Todeasa
Beverage Manager
"I have been in the high volume bar business for over 9 years. In that time I have spent countless hou..."
Preston Rideout
Del Lago Golf Resort and Conference Center
"Originally we did inventory on pen and paper. It took forever to extend out inventory, because we inv..."
Megan Ellingwood
Purchasing Manager

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