"We found Zoho Projects the best fit as we got everything we were looking for at an affordable price...."
Rakesh Nautiyal
VP of Operations
"Since we moved to Zoho we never looked back...I don't know of a better collaborative software package..."
Dan Aris
Automobile Technologist
"The dashboards and reports we created using the Zoho Projects API keep running on TV screens all arou..."
Akash Takyar
Enterprize Mobile Developer
"Zoho Projects has reduced the communication burden as individual team members can now directly intera..."
Mandeep Kumar
Web Designer
"We've been using Zoho projects for years. It works well for projects of different size. Would recomme..."
Sasha Baksht
"With Zoho, you can smoothly track projects and each team member can easily book their time against va..."
Deepak Jain
IT Consultant
"Zoho has given my students invaluable employability skills that will put them ahead of the game when..."
Annette Chapman
Music Teacher
"Zoho Projects has been an excellent online project collaboration tool and Zoho is by far my favourite..."
Stuart Jeffrey
eCommerce Project Manager
"Zoho Projects has allowed our presence to become completely virtual without needing any physical offi..."
Steven Goodwin
Leadership Trainer
"We not only use Zoho Projects for our income generating projects with our clients but also to run our..."
Sudheer Marisetti
Data Consultant
"Celtic Catalysts has been using Zoho projects for 2.5 years and we’ve found it excellent for sharing..."
Jenny Rickerby
Celtic Catalysts
"Software development projects can really be a pain, especially when you're working with offshore team..."
Jan Hendrik Mensen
CTO and Consulting Partner
"We also need a way to notify them of new tasks that have to be performed. For instance, when a new cl..."
Philip Debaere
Managing Partner
"Zoho Projects is incredibly powerful and because of it we no longer use emails for communication betw..."
Raymond Gonzalez
Site Administrator
"We no longer need to purchase other software or back-up software as everything is handled by one host..."
Holly L Hanson
Business Coach
"We are in the real estate market and rehab properties and use them as rental units. Zoho has enabled..."
John Desmond
Real Estate

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