"If there was something that we couldn't make work, the Wrike team always came up with a fabulous work..."
Patricia Davis
Manager of the PMO
"When we're looking at 150 jobs a month, and trying to imagine how we're going to accomplish getting a..."
Jason Resch
VP of Creative Services
"I'm able to tap them into jobs at the beginning of a project so they have a heads up that something i..."
Natasha Jones
Creative Services Production Manager
"Anytime I have a request for a new job — I now kick off that job in Wrike. And I know immediately tha..."
Heather Krizanac
Brand Program Specialist
"Every time we create a new task and put a due date in, I go into the task and estimate the duration o..."
Will Rodriguez
Design Director & Brand Builder
"If it wasn't for Wrike that we started 2 years ago I wouldn't be able to take on that business. I lit..."
Kassandra Taggart
President & Owner
"We always thrive in this place of chaos, which is part of the beauty in what we do But we've recently..."
Jodi Jordan
VP of Marketing Strategies
"When you do collaborate face-to-face, it's more on the creative elements of a project versus the proc..."
Carrie Buttke
VP and Marketing Manager
"By using the request forms, our man-hours are more productive because we're not spending time going b..."
Celene Curry
Event Operations
"Everything is just so much slicker, there's more structure and a defined process, so everyone is on t..."
Lara Wilson
"Wrike succeeded at simplifying some of our really complex problems. It allowed me to manage tasks via..."
Corey Northcutt
"Wrike provides a great solution for Imbibe’s project management and an alternative solution to a trad..."
Laura Klibanow
Opportunity Manager
"We are using Wrike for almost every aspect of our day-to-day work. It helps us greatly in organizing..."
Nihad Perva
"With four brands to manage, endless details and always being short on time, I need speed, ease, preci..."
Susan Serra
"I don't know what we would do without it. We're such a small team taking on so many projects, that it..."
Joe Moran
Chief Creative Officer
"With the current world situation, all of our team has been sent to work from home. Having all departm..."
Andrea Flores
Commercial Director

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