"WNS chosen for proven Audit expertise & best-in-class technology...."
Christopher Korenke
"PI has been working with WNS for 12 months and in that time they have demonstrated an unwavering desi..."
Greg Simidian
"We chose WNS because of their deep understanding of the travel industry, strong customer care capabil..."
Steve Sickle
Senior Vice President for Distribution and Relationship Marketing
"WNS has been a trusted partner for us beyond mere transactional BPO services.Over the years, WNS has..."
Dusty Profumo
"Over the last 2 years we have reduced the overall cost of delivering conveyancing by 15% whilst also..."
Ian Floyed
"We transferred our IT development and support to WNS in 2012. In the process we have significantly re..."
Gordon Pow
Senior Programme Manager
"I am delighted the team are living up to our expectations and delivering sensational customer service..."
Rob Hartley
Senior sales and customer service manager
"We chose WNS because of their deep understanding of the travel industry, insightful customer analytic..."
Jim Sprigg
Director, Database Marketing & Analytics
"WNS provides us a blend of functional expertise and process capabilities which spans across our diver..."
Phil Bentley
Managing Director
"We selected WNS because they understand operating requirements in the healthcare sector. They bring a..."
Jim Bechtold
SVP, Reimbursement and Government Affairs
"This allows Aviva to continue our working relationship with a provider that truly understands the ins..."
Cathryn Riley
Chief Operating Officer
"Since 2004, WNS has been working as a valuable strategic partner for Coca-Cola. They’ve invested time..."
Carlos Jose Fonseca
Vice President, Global Knowledge & Insights
"We selected WNS because of the high quality of talent, cultural alignment and airline industry expert..."
Steen Wulff
Director of passenger revenue accounting
"The BizAps team demonstrated excellent business process knowledge together with an in-depth understan..."
Finance Transformation Manager
"Over the past 4 years our relationship with WNS has become a real partnership. This allows us to expl..."
Leading UK Publisher
Content Head
"Analytical Prowess, Consultancy & Strategic Thinking of the WNS R&A team have immensely helped us sha..."
Global CPG Company
Knowledge & Insights Head for Developing & Emerging Markets

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