"We continue to measure the impact of video, but this video and others like it seem to accelerate the..."
Peter Kosmal
Multimedia Production Manager
"We realized we weren't using Wistia as we should be. We were uploading and forgetting... we hadn't re..."
Alex Dunn
Media Specialist
"People like people. We're able to maximize that with video more so than any other form of content. Vi..."
Eric Baum
CEO & Founder
"We were putting so much money and time into production and editing, releasing our videos into the wil..."
Taylor Magargal
Marketing Operations Specialist
"Being able to see exactly where people are drawn to in your video is extremely important and Wistia a..."
Iris Maslow
Digital Marketing Manager
"We have a whole host of nurture sequences that rely on video to engage the lead...."
Carey Ballard
Content and Marketing
"Designers spend a lot of time using programs like Sketch or Photoshop, but sometimes they overlook si..."
Andy Orsow
Lead Video Producer
"The goal was to have new users watch this video, and know exactly what steps to take without any gues..."
Zach Honea
Video Production Specialist
"We were redesigning the Med School Tutors site to better appeal to current med school students, as th..."
Sam Siskind
Director of Operations
"Our CEO asked if I could create a video for his presentation on our new Crowdfunding Designer two wee..."
Brad Hilton
Director of Media Content
"We decided to ditch the typical ‘do this, then that’ routine of screen capture tutorials and go with..."
Miha Ambroz
Customer Satisfaction/Videographer
"San Diego Surf School has used our videos not just to explain their unique products, like surfing les..."
Clay Chaszeyka
"We make our videos bite-sized and modular. Each video is about 5–10 minutes long. By covering a singl..."
Jessica Bayliss
"Wistia for Marketing's customizability is a big win for us. Whether it’s the ability to adjust colors..."
Jake Johnson
Director of Creative & Content
"By breaking the onboarding experience into smaller parts, customers have the opportunity to treat the..."
Jeremy Needham
Customer Education Manager
"With Wistia, we can easily manage product videos. If something in the CoSchedule app changes, we crea..."

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