"I like how the Orchestrator works. It’s helped with the scheduling, deploying, the road is very intui..."
Dusan Oravsky
Head of Robotics Operation Center
"So the 3 words I would use to describe UiPath - I think they’re very collaborative, expanding on what..."
Bill Hale
Digital Automation Leader, Advisory Principal
"Users of Enterprise RPA consider ease of software and robot maintenance, security and scalability to..."
Sarah Burnett
Vice President of Research
"We believe that proper training is essential to roll out company-wide RPA initiatives and realize fur..."
Kazunari Akishige
Master Black Belt / RPA CoE Leader
"We have almost 150 Associates trained using the UiPath Academy. We have fully migrated all of our fut..."
Shaun Dawson
AVP, Global Leader of IPA Center of Excellence
"Without question, the UiPath Academy has been successful in helping to deliver on the promise of fast..."
Cathy Hughes
"Impressive training material and well coverage of UiPath features and capability The best part was li..."
Dilip Padil
RPA Developer
"Every company is looking to drive a digital transformation of their back-end systems, and UiPath is s..."
Carl Eschenbach
"UiPath is a great technology for gluing together various systems such as databases, information syste..."
Jannie Strydom
Chief Executive Officer
"UiPath allowed us to purchase a single Robot and then add Robots one at a time after that. This made..."
Robert Gilhooly
Director of the Financial Shared Service Center
"In the first day of live operations, the Robots were saving 51 hours each day or the equivalent of si..."
Brendan MacDonald
Director of Customer Compliance Operations
"Innovative, reliable, cost-effective, and a vastly improved customer journey...."
Julian McDonald
Customer Compliance Operations Manager
"I have found UiPath as a company is easy to work with for both us and on our client projects. It is s..."
Sultan Mahmood
Partner PwC United Kingdom
"Every organization needs a CRM, every organization needs an RPA too simple as that...."
Ambrish Kinariwala
RPA Lead
"We quickly determined that UiPath and its RPA technology could give us a better way to extract member..."
Joe Bonazza
Director of Data Integration
"The time savings have been huge. Automating just this one process helped us save 100-200 hours per ye..."
Jacinta Carvalho
Head of the RPA Center of Excellence

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