"We’ve had nearly 150k people take the quiz, and it’s helped us build our second most successful email..."
Eric Bandholz
Founder & Creative Director
"We have people who give us feedback saying they learned in three weeks what before, would have taken..."
Danae Ringelmann
"I start with a goal—what results am I looking to get? From there, I put together a list of questions..."
Garrett Grohman
Director of Inside Sales
"Typeform, out of the box, maintains a casual and delightful feel. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it..."
Thomas Griffin
Chief Executive Officer
"Just start. Don’t be afraid to launch it early, iterate along the way, test everything you can, and b..."
Jeff Goldenberg
Head of Growth
"Throwing random keywords at Google Translate to see what sounds good in Swahili is not the recipe for..."
Pascal Briod
"Typeform helps me attract more responses and a higher response rate than I could with other tools...."
Rand Fishkin
"We stayed in touch with survey participants. Many of them joined our community and are still giving u..."
Alex Flom
"We’ve got excellent results. It’s been a great tool and a great free way for people to interact with..."
Grant Baldwin
Speaker Lab
"First, it needed to be user-friendly with an attractive interface. Second, it needed to be deployed i..."
Lisa Toner
Content Marketing Strategy Manager
"Typeform has revolutionized the way online forms are perceived. Its design makes users focus on the m..."
Kacper Raszkiewicz
Product Manager
"Instead I’ve made a quiz. Should you want to be in the running for the oceanfront villa during Trello..."
Liz Hall
VP of People
"Finding the right people is super hard. Crazy hard. And the reason is simple: there’s not a lot of pe..."
Alessandro Zanardi
Chief Executive Officer
"What first made us decide to use Typeform was the amazing look of the form that you can create with a..."
Angelo Blot
"To make things interesting, we played around with the questions and added some images to help people..."
Prashanthini Mande
Product Marketer
"We love Typeform’s UX, ease-of-use, and mobile-first approach. We’ve now stopped using traditional we..."
Jonathan Moisan
New Media Consultant

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