"We’re one of America’s fastest-growing private companies and we recently obtained the licensing right..."
Printice Kincade
IT Director
"When I was asked to oversee our EDI migration I was worried because I didn’t know what I was getting..."
Rebecca Dersch-Bell
EDI Coordinator
"The single biggest impact of VMI is that the quality of both data and transactions goes up significan..."
Joe Hart
Director of Purchasing and Material Management
"Especially with the chargebacks, trying to process the data in some other format like email or spread..."
Kyle Clifton
Supply Chain Manager
"We moved to Datalliance to take advantage of the latest technology and the Software as a Service (Saa..."
John Riley
Manager of ePrograms
"The ability to integrate eCommerce with our ERP system was the key factor in our decision to move to..."
Scott Noyes
Purchasing & IT Manager
"Having to enter hundreds of orders by hand would take hours and require more staff, whereas with inte..."
Ryan Plew
Workflow Analyst
"It was by far the simplest EDI system to install and use that I’ve ever experienced...."
Tim Hazle
Manager of Computer Services
"TrueCommerce takes a manual process and turns it into a completely seamless, automatic process—it hel..."
Tanika Snyder
Accounts Payable/EDI
"They communicated at my level and made sure I understood everything. They never talked down to me, an..."
Ellie Colesano
Accounts Receivable Administrator
"I used to spend eight hours a day entering EDI documents, but once we started using TrueCommerce EDI..."
Robin Huber
EDI Coordinator
"We frequently get orders that have 200 to 300 SKUs. These would take forever to enter by hand—now the..."
Lisa Smith
Account Manager
"The time and money we’re saving overall with TrueCommerce EDI is substantial, but the value of the sy..."
Susan Penouilh
EDI Programmer Analyst
"Our experience with VMI has proven to us that we can significantly improve the efficiency of our enti..."
Rick Bumpus
VP of Operation
"The TrueCommerce and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions bundle offered everything we needed and they wer..."
Janie Brown
Office Manager
"We really didn’t know what to expect, though it was hard to believe it would be that easy. TrueCommer..."
Anthony “Dino” Stott
General Manager

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