"Global access to the information by all of the members of our company who have a need to see it, use..."
Karen Klansec
Supply Chain Quality Assurance
"We had decided as a company that we wanted to undertake SQF, and the light bulb just went off. We nee..."
Ryan Matson
Director of IT
"My responsibility is to find the best practices and roll them out across the organization … TraceGain..."
Alejandro Cebado
Sr. Directory of Quality Systems
"We have so many documents that are required, to keep track of, and to keep up to date for our custome..."
Virginia Mercer
Senior Specialist
"If TraceGains helps us be the first vendor to give customers their documents then we have the upper h..."
Megan Krenz
QA Coordinator
"TraceGains is a cloud-based system where suppliers can upload documents, and once we’ve both accepted..."
Brad VanderVeer
Director of Quality Services and Food Safety
"We’ve experienced a significant growth in volume after the first quarter compared with the previous y..."
John Raede
Chief Food Safety Officer
"We don’t have to collect and review documents day to day. TraceGains is doing a lot of that for us, a..."
Cortnie McQuilkin
Quality Project Specialist
"We had customers who required double verification, so we would have one technician performing this v..."
Juan De Leon
Senior Global Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance
"SAP is at the heart and soul of our business processes. That’s our ERP system. We have 19 of our 24 p..."
George Muller
Senior Director of Global Information Services
"TraceGains excites me because our prime suppliers are there. I can say 'Hey R&D, if you want to shop..."
Andi Gillett
Purchasing Manager
"TraceGains has a long history of protecting consumers, manufacturers, and distributors by ensuring th..."
Eric Wang
Managing Director
"TraceGains has allowed Fresh Mark to move towards a real-time solution within our Quality Assurance/F..."
Mike Kirsch
Corporate Director of QA
"We used Market Hub to identify a Supplier for an ingredient and were able to complete the necessary q..."
Sarah Hazaert
Supply Quality Manager
"TraceGains allows us to provide our ideal level of customer service, without it, we’d need to add thr..."
Jennifer Errickson
Quality Technician
"When we were a smaller company, that manual process was workable. It wasn’t very efficient or elegant..."
Joshua Day
QA SME, QA Packaging Specialist

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