"We need flexibility and agility. We need to be able to respond to regulatory changes and to market de..."
Allan Nordestgaard
Dept. Manager of IT-development and BI-project
"It has been easy to take over and manage the TX DWA solution because it is user-friendly and easy to..."
Patrik Gustafsson
Elanders Sweden AB
"We are in a very interesting development period in Elanders Sweden AB where we are increasing our glo..."
Maria Leijon
"Time to result has been spectacular! TimeXtender simply helped us automate the technical process, jus..."
Thomas Truyens
Change Manager
"In traditional, manually built Data Warehousing, you need to work with teams of developers, which ten..."
Luc Van Dessel
IT manager
"Better to be approximately right, than exactly wrong...."
Hugo Van den Broecke
"With regards to plant operations, daily reports are often the first thing on the agenda. Without thos..."
Pol Lavens
Plant Manager
"TimeXtender’s solution means that we are now much better able to optimize our business. We can quickl..."
Tomas Guldberg Hansen
"With TimeXtender we started validating the first reports three weeks after we begun the implementatio..."
Arne Christensen
"Today we are using the same ERP system in 9 out of 15 countries. We use TimeXtender to configure the..."
Ivan Rafn
Group IT Manager
"Previously, extracting and converting data for our Targit BI system was a major and complicated task...."
Flemming Andersen
IT Manager
"We are in the midst of a turn-around that will strengthen Novenco’s economy and competitive advantage..."
Søren Haugaard Jacobsen
Business Improvement Manager
"In TimeXtender, we found the perfect complement to our BI solution. It’s a particularly user friendly..."
Frederic De Meyer
Market Intelligence Manager
"In TimeXtender, we found the perfect complement to our BI solution. It’s a particularly user friendly..."
Ronny Luyten
Business Operations Manager
"TimeXtender gives us the time-to-market agility to quickly look into and analyse data. Without it, we..."
Mikkel Hansen
Systems Finance Manager
"It was a matter of finding the right tool for the job: a solution that would make it easy and fast to..."
Jørn Ø. Petersen
Administrator of Business Systems

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