"Time to result has been spectacular! TimeXtender simply helped us automate the technical process, jus..."
Thomas Truyens
Change Manager
"In traditional, manually built Data Warehousing, you need to work with teams of developers, which ten..."
Luc Van Dessel
IT manager
"In this process, you have to be able to provide reliable, updated figures quickly and easily add them..."
Klaus Vestergaard
"Before TimeXtender came into the picture, it was more difficult to get this overview, and required mo..."
Enrico Krog Iversen
"TimeXtender’s solution means that we are now much better able to optimize our business. We can quickl..."
Tomas Guldberg Hansen
"One of the first major tasks the TimeXtender consultants helped us with – and which has turned out to..."
Henrik Skovsby
CFO/EVP, Business Support
"When we began the implementation, we could start transferring data from SAP to TimeXtender within hou..."
Jesper Daugaard
Marketing Director
"We have managed to change the information stream. Instead of being re-active and defensive, and spend..."
Michael Flindt Nielsen
Finance Manager
"TimeXtender has become an essential tool in our day-to-day business operations. Using the data wareho..."
Raf Vermeiren
Accounting & Finance Manager
"Instead of waiting a week to fix things, with TimeXtender, I can make a change within 30 minutes - it..."
Kerry McRae
BI Team Leader & Stream Lead
"We significantly reduced data quality issues due to a single version of the truth in Discovery Hub®...."
BI Team Leader & Stream Lead
"By using data warehouse automation we succeeded with a very small team to develop an agile, future-pr..."
Sören Schuber
Business Intelligence Generalist
"PANDORA does everything from design and innovation, to prototyping, manufacturing, distribution and r..."
Peter Hansen
Manager and Global BI Architect
"Very quickly, the choice became obvious to us, since the key components of TimeXtender’s Discovery Hu..."
Jakob Zellman Jakob
BI Manager
"We can see data, analyze it and add fields without relying on IT support to make changes. Since we ar..."
Cecilia Bergamini
Planning and Controlling Manager
"One huge advantage is that data can be scheduled. With the previous Excel spreadsheet system, you nev..."
Bart Koning
Business Intelligence Developer

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