"The API initiative with Mashery allows us to focus on our core competency...."
Betsy Eisenberg
Director, Product Management + Data Operations, EDGAR Online
"With Mashery API Management, we saw long-term potential - as we scaled, they'd be able to scale with..."
Lee Odess
GM and VP of Marketing
"Plugging into the cloud that could be largely configurable, plus integrating with the Intel® Services..."
Norbert Herrmann
Senior Manager, SAPI + Search, Sensis
"Intel® Services stood out in our eyes, offering a vast network of developers, as well as support at h..."
Anton Xavier
Co-Founder and CEO
"In many ways, our API is our secret sauce...."
Justin Fitzpatrick
COO + CFO, DueDil
"Mashery has been incredibly valuable in our lead up to and launch of Sabre Dev Studio...."
Sean Arena
Chief Commercial Officer
"Mashery has made it easy for us to scale and lets us make it easy for our developers to scale...."
Lily Liang
Product Manager
"YellowAPI is an engine powering our shift from print to digital...."
Brad Wing
Head of YellowAPI
"We’ve released 393 feature enhancements in the past 12 months, which is equivalent to just over one p..."
Neil Brooks
"The new way is the ease of integration dream we’ve always had. A developer just drives up to develope..."
Joe Cunetta
Product Manager
"We were already talking to automakers and insurers, so having an API management system that had some..."
Bret Tobey
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
"The Whispir API now generates more than 30% of product revenue, a percentage that continues to grow...."
Jordan Walsh
Product Architect
"Mashery gave us a turnkey solution from the start without much work on our side...."
Erik Bursch
Senior Director of Operations, Workflow Systems
"From the beginning, Mashery was able to help us tackle our structural data issues to meet our technic..."
Max Lienard
Head of Product and Market Development
"We are very happy with TIBCO Spotfire® because we are handling analysis from a perspective that is te..."
Ainhoa Ortiz del Río
Head of Integration and BPM Manager
"Working with TIBCO started with the technology because it’s quite easy to get started on a cloud-base..."
Myles Lagolago-Craig
Head of Platforms

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