"To say we are pleased is an understatement. The insights from social listening have allowed for a mor..."
Cyndi Chin
Senior Brand Manager
"Fundamentally, good social listening is about having great data coverage and in-depth analytics. Talk..."
Michael Berland
"What really stands out is how easy it is to use and how quickly we can create top quality monitoring..."
Nicole Moreo
Director of Research and Insights
"In our bid for tenders for a monitoring tool, the number one criterion was the ability to build synth..."
David Llanes
Head of Business Intelligence, Crisis Management and Communication
"I love the extensive coverage and the many filtering options, but the interface is a game-changer: Yo..."
Michael Bagalman
Chief Executive Officer
"Talkwalker's new machine learning capabilities are great for the media monitoring industry and more i..."
Christopher S. Penn
Co-Founder and Chief Innovator
"The Talkwalker AI Engine is bringing added value in data processing and analysis, confirming Talkwalk..."
Martial Rousset
Digital Manager
"The Talkwalker AI Engine for sentiment is absolutely superb! It's so easy to use and intuitive. Here..."
Abs Owdud
Board Head of Analytics
"Talkwalker's AI feature blew my mind! It makes it easy to analyze quantitative metrics (e.g. Volume o..."
Tanya Wehr

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