"The beauty of Tacton Configurator is that it will guide the sales rep through the sale and get the co..."
Jans Nillson
"We never came to a point where we stalled or where the software had limitations that were a show stop..."
Michael Klos
General Manager
"This will save an enormous amount of time. With the new solution, the knowledge is captured within th..."
Koen Boot
"This type of automation has been a key factor in our business growth...."
Brian Bartholomew
Senior Project Engineer
"We have a great cooperation with Tacton, we’ve found them to be very flexible and responsive. It feel..."
Sicco Saft
Business Analyst
"For a small company like us, finding a software vendor that is so responsive has been a huge factor...."
Larry DeBirk
"Early in the sales cycle, the sales team wouldn’t have the insight to answer all the questions, they..."
Jan Ras
Manager of Sales Support
"Tacton is an extremely powerful tool that brings us closer to our customers by offering customized so..."
Mats Toftebrant
Chief Information Officer
"Tacton is the most important sales tool we have. It is easy, fast and we can’t work without it!..."
Martin Björklund
Sales Tools Responsible
"We have implemented Visual Configuration for interior design to support our customer in the decision..."
Franz Josef Rapp
"The product configurator with 3D visualization is presenting our instruments in an attractive way tha..."
Markus Steinke
Chief Marketing Officer
"In the water treatment industry, lead-time is often more important than price. With the combined Soli..."
Chris Price
Senior Designer
"Tacton provides a unique opportunity for Fluido and our customers to put the Configure Price Quote pr..."
Kai Mäkelä
Chief Executive Officer
"Because your starting point is always an already valid solution, you just have to tweak it to suit wh..."
Daniel Horn
Application Consultant
"Even though the tool is only in its early stages, it’s already a big success from a marketing and lea..."
Michael Haak

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