Sprout Social & VolunteerMatch
Customer Success Story
Shari Ilsen-Director of Engagement
Sprout Social & Wahl Professional
Customer Success Story
Marc Geil-Director of Global Strategic Initiatives
Sprout Social & Casio
Customer Success Story
Taka Takeuchi-Chief Digital Officer
Sprout Social & Marquette University
Customer Success Story
Timothy Cigelske-Social Media Director
Sprout Social & City of Las Vegas
Customer Success Story
Jennifer Davies-Social Media Manager
Sprout Social & Trello
Customer Success Story
Brian Cervino-Product Marketing Manager
Sprout Social & London School of Economics
Customer Success Story
Imogen Withers-Student Communications Manager
Sprout Social & CDK Global
Customer Success Story
Vince Phelan-Senior Director Marketing
Sprout Social & Zendesk
Customer Success Story
Chelsea Larsson-Senior Manager, Content Strategy
Sprout Social & Walker Sands Communications
Customer Success Story
Caroline Braswell-Social Media Account Executive

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