"Splunk dashboards have given us the ability to gain real-time operational insight into the key metric..."
"“From the moment we installed Splunk Enterprise, I couldn’t see how SJS could ever get by without it..."
"The Splunk platform enabled us to put 11 countries’ IT operations into a single view and monitor them..."
"Without Splunk we could not really understand what our users are doing. Here at CloudShare we think o..."
"Before introducing Splunk we were 'blind' to our own systems to a certain extent. The significant vol..."
"With Splunk ITSI, much of this becomes turnkey. Some of the built-in modules within Splunk ITSI allow..."
"We never imagined that we could create dashboards this easily. It only took us five weeks to begin ag..."
"One of the big metrics our department uses is work order lead time — the time it takes to service a w..."
"For us, transparency of information is important. We now have real-time data with context to make dec..."
"Splunk allows our developers to focus on developing instead of wasting their time looking for the iss..."
"We saw the business value in the data that was within the IT systems. We started communicating that o..."
"Splunk provides the easy operability of an RDB, and because it can perform high-speed log searches, I..."
"Splunk ITSI ensures customer satisfaction by giving us service-centric health reporting, end-to-end v..."
"Splunk is extremely efficient for us and makes the best use of taxpayer dollars. Not only does it sav..."
"The real-time operation analysis and monitoring provided by the Splunk platform enable us to track er..."
"They asked about its cost in the beginning, but a few months ago, Splunk Cloud helped us stop a data..."

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