"We have an excellent location in downtown San Francisco and wanted to ensure we were reaching the rig..."
Janell Dirksen
Revenue Manager
"Sojern has provided consistent results while reaching targeted users that are further out in the conv..."
Kelly Yauk
eMarketing Manager
"Sojern drives business directly to our site, allowing us to manage our brand and our customers’ exper..."
Florian Gavinaitis
Marketing Manager
"The digital campaign that we are running with Sojern is helping to get our message out and it’s worki..."
Brad Walker
Senior Vice President of Marketing
"Expanding awareness and increasing visits by qualified travelers was a top priority for the campaign..."
Eric Thompson
Vice President of Marketing
"It’s seamless for us. It’s very easy to reconcile. It performs with little to zero expenditure before..."
Danny Najdovski
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
"We can say we found a great partner in whose solutions we believe in and feel confident in recommendi..."
Bianca Barga
Vice President, Account Management
"Sojern has been our top performer for the Q1, and helped us achieve our targets...."
Samardeep Perka Shanker
Manager Performance Marketing
"The primary goal for us is to share the actual experience, and we work with Sojern to achieve this. S..."
Emily Romero
Marketing Manager
"Sojern gave us insight into the direct and incremental effects of our advertising. We were able to ca..."
Živa Deu
Digital Communication Manager
"For us, the commission-based structure is the best way to work together, because we pay only when Soj..."
Hotel Estheréa
Front Office Manag
"I am happy with the increase in and value of traffic generated by Sojern. They have generated increme..."
Pierfrancesco Coscarelli
Digital Marketing Consultant
"From a business perspective, Sojern allows us to have our cake and eat it too. We’re getting the mark..."
Vo Tomulich
Director of Sales & Marketing
"When you’re running a hotel, you need trusted partners, because you can’t focus on everything all the..."
Constanza Navarro
Director of Sales & Marketing
"There’s a clear advantage to diversifying our online marketing strategy, and Sojern allows us to do t..."
Carter Sowers
Head of Technology, Southern Resort Group
"I’ve been really impressed with Sojern: the campaign has delivered strong results and the team has be..."
Carrie Thomson
Media Director, Strategic America

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