"Slack has turned out to be really good for cross-team communication...."
Joe Kent
Software Engineer
"Using the multitude of options—chat, voice, video, you name it—Slack really, really helps with sharin..."
Christian Eid
Vice President of Brand and Communications
"Having Shared Channels means that the setup is so much easier, especially for our vendors if they’re..."
Brian Alenduff
Digital Product Manager
"I don't want to put this lightly Slack is essential for our day-to-day work life...."
Jeremy Cothran
Product Marketing Manager
"Over the past three years, Bambora has acquired capabilities all over the world. Slack has been an in..."
Claes Nyströmer
Head of Branding & Communications
"It's addictive, but we've managed to make sure we're also enabling focus. It's game-changing. It's ha..."
Vincent De Jong
Digital Strategist
"Slack is really the backbone of what we do, it's the ‘I need an answer right now', type of communicat..."
Cody Jones
Head of Partnerships
"Slack gives everyone in the organization an opportunity to contribute value to the customer experienc..."
Will Soupcoff
Head of CRM
"As a bank, we obviously have to make sure that we record an awful lot of information for the auditors..."
Greg Hawkins
"With e-commerce, the store is never closed. Slack helps us get together quickly when there are issues..."
Jack Hanlon
VP Analytics
"With Slack, you start interacting with people you otherwise wouldn't have thought would be relevant f..."
Elie Soueidy
Head of Digital Services
"With offices in three states, it can be hard to feel connected to one another. Slack helps everyone f..."
Kevin Knight
"Slack has enabled us to have a strong remote workforce that otherwise would have been very difficult..."
Dan Jimenez
"Using this feature saves us much time and stress. File-sharing within one place, using the same integ..."
Julian Wagner
Senior Architect
"Slack has consolidated everyone in one space in a really useful way, which helps us better accomplish..."
Adam Garner
Campaign Manager
"For a company like ours, it’s imperative to be responsive. We have to show customers that we care and..."
Matt Snyder
Director of User Experience Design

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