"The Sisense advantage was its ease of use and fabulous support...."
Martti Kessel
Founder and Managing Director
"Sisense is as easy as dragging and dropping in Excel, except you get interactive, powerful reports. T..."
Mike van Thiel
CEO and Co-Founder
"Sisenses performance was clear when we saw how quickly we could put together a Sisense cube. The prod..."
Brent Allen
Director of Infrastructure
"We always had the data, but we were not able to show the value. With Sisense, now we can...."
Jayesh Vaswan
BI Team Lead
"If a dashboard requires a functionality that isn't in Sisense out-of-box, I can always find it in the..."
Nicholas Ranum
Web Developer and Business Analyst
"To present the data in a way that does not require a high level of analysis to understand, allows one..."
Iowa Communications Network
"Sisense dashboards are multifaceted because they provide increased visibility, increased transparency..."
Ric Lumbard
Executive Director
"Having this one single reporting platform really makes it much easier for everybody across the organi..."
Graeme Davidson
Operations Leader
"It’s Extremely Easy To Learn. If Someone Has Experience In Bi, Even Very Basic Experience, It’s Very..."
Balaji Jayapal
Head of BI and Big Data
"Sisense is a tool to help our employees manage their jobs more easily...."
Daniel Gagné
IT Development Coordinator
"I have never had a lesson in Sisense and yet I was able to teach myself everything in a week. Sisense..."
Sam Nicholls
Service Delivery Manager
"We close our sales pitches with analytics now because we always want to close with something to be re..."
David Greene
"With Sisense, any meeting that we start ends up with a conclusion because we can analyze multiple par..."
Ayush Mittal
Head of Data Science
"Using the Sisense solution gives us the flexibility to quickly answer questions from our seniors or c..."
Fabrice Valentin
Head of Market Research and Forecasts
"There are cost elements of our product that we have never been able to see before but now that we hav..."
Craig Schrimsher
Director of Dealer Development and Demand Analytics
"Our biggest win with Sisense is definitely our client platform. [Our clients] love interacting with t..."
Angela Occhiogrosso

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