"The great thing about SAS is that it's so powerful and has such a broad offering...."
Jonathan Prantner
Manager of Statistics
"We are a team of five people who could have built something to achieve the result, but it would have..."
Carl Rajendram
National Manager for Commercial Pricing and Analytics
"From how we assess a customer’s risk to providing a price to the customer, we use data to make the mo..."
Jason Cabral
Group Head of Pricing and Management Information
"Ultimately, it is the taxpayers and citizens who will benefit the most if the public sector adopts da..."
Duncan Cleary
Senior Statistician
"Our goal was to analyze growing volumes of network and customer data with greater speed, in seconds i..."
Konstantinos Vlahodimitropoulos
Service Quality and Technology Management Director
"The users can browse through all of the monitored elements giving us a real boost in savings and effi..."
Maya Mašková
Head of the Internal Audit Department
"We’ve managed to significantly reduce the frequency of insurance fraud cases and the average cost of..."
Thanos Angelopoulos
Chief Risk and Actuarial Officer
"Our reporting has enriched the university considerably. We can rely on the data and be confident it’s..."
David Dignam
Business Intelligence Manager
"The aim is to develop multiple models in SAS in order to better inform parents, provide the best poss..."
Manon Benders
Professor and Head of Neonatology
"We’re able to get a whole lot more done with SAS, and a lot faster. And anyone. Can get their own inf..."
Erik Bowe
Director of Data Warehousing Enterprise Information Management
"We beat our cost-reduction numbers two years in a row. The ability to manipulate data is the foundati..."
Marty Straube
Engine Group Vice President
"SAS is the only game in town if you're interested in working with analytics at FORTUNE 500 companies,..."
Ray Bacon
SAS User Support Analysis
"With this system, our engineers can identify device exception at the first time, and minimize the num..."
Eugene Wang
Senior Technology Consultant
"Used correctly, students will not fall through the cracks. It will allow students and teachers to get..."
Revonda Johnson
"Today we have come to expect certain trends and are better equipped to forecast the budget as a whole..."
Helmut Müller
Mayor and Treasurer
"Data analytics can support the doctor and nurse to make the best possible decisions...."
Daniel Vrijbrief

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