"Through these data quality and data integration projects, we reduced the number of total customer rec..."
Yetik Mert
"Live project experience is the best teacher in this environment...."
Aaron Augustine
Director, Analytics Research and Development
"With an ingenious way to parameter workflows and users rights based on the localization and status of..."
Nicolas Thomas
Deputy Risk Director
"SAS Visual Analytics made it possible to create and reshape reports that are easily accessible to any..."
Dejan Donev
Head of Risk Management
"Above and beyond supplying the organization with customer insight, this solution is creating a transp..."
Karsten Längerich
Head of Leisure Segment
"Using advanced analytics is certainly helping us to deliver better policing outcomes...."
Shaun Hodges
Director of Strategy and Performance
"We were able to link to databases directly versus pulling data out for the reports. The users actuall..."
Guinevere Mills
Branch Chief Management Information Systems
"When we looked at further use of sensor data, we found that SAS supports the entire series of steps i..."
Shouichi Yabe
Director of Data Science Implementation
"It's now much easier to quickly summarize the records and scan through to see if anything relevant is..."
Corinne Brazier
Records Manager
"Today we have come to expect certain trends and are better equipped to forecast the budget as a whole..."
Helmut Müller
Mayor and Treasurer
"This is a complex task requiring advanced linked data analysis, so we use SAS to load and analyse the..."
Scott Sims
Data Analyst
"Our branch is responsible for reporting the cost and the progress of 26 census operations as they occ..."
Annette Quinlan Davis
Development Team Lead
"In just five months, we were able to recreate and modernize 80 percent of the reports on our website..."
Mark Byrd
Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research and Analysis
"SAS paired with Hadoop’s distributed storage capabilities eliminates processing bottlenecks and provi..."
Adam Perkins
Senior Web Developer and Technical Analyst
"We have so much flexibility and compatibility now. The ability to build hierarchies on the fly is hug..."
Song Yan
Director of IR
"This process has been well-executed thanks to the flexibility and to the scalability of the informati..."
Marco Martinelli
Management Control and Planning Manager

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