"Not only is it inefficient when prescriptions don’t work as intended, but it’s inconvenient and unsaf..."
Tim Pletcher
Executive Director
"We stay connected with customers through every step of building their home—even after they’ve moved i..."
Jean Michel Mougeolle
"Salesforce helps us close more leads and build more meaningful customer and employee connections...."
Julie Binder
VP Corporate Communications
"The Salesforce1 Platform helps us connect two types of customers to create more value for everyone...."
Beth Wozniak
President Environmental and Combustion Controls
"If you want to succeed in this new era, you will need to put customers at the center of everything yo..."
Todd Dean
Vice President, Cross-Channel and eCommerce
"With a social network, we can have teams working in Buenos Aires, Argentina collaborate with teams in..."
Mike McCranie
Global Director Information Technology
"Salesforce gives us the agility to move across the enterprise faster than we've ever done with any ot..."
Ramon Baez
"Salesforce helps capture the collaboration that's happening across the company—to mobilize and grow t..."
Brad Epperson
Vice President Commercial Operations
"The collaboration with marketing in the first six months was meteoric, We're free to venture out and..."
Dan Sztorc
CNBC Account Executive
"Salesforce DMP has been crucial to the success of Concert by enabling data sharing with NBCUniversal..."
Will Won
Revenue Intelligence
"We are effectively managing natural resources and funds for current and future generations,..."
Jason Crowder
Assistant Director
"Their expectation is that we know them and their behaviors and their preferences, regardless of where..."
Lance Martel
Chief Information Officer and Vice President of IT
"Salesforce helps us have more successful communication with our clients because it’s a really informe..."
Alice Cornell
Director of Email Deliverability
"It's important to interact with everyone on our team and make them all part of our community, Now, wi..."
David Cush
"For us to be able to communicate and to translate our core values of love, integrity, and respect wit..."
Patrik Frisk
"We really try to send the customer the right information that might be most relevant to that customer..."
Ian Richards
Vice President of CRM and Analytics

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