Salesforce & Vodafone
Customer Success Story
Bill Morrow-CEO
Salesforce & Virtual Causeway
Customer Success Story
Rick Endrulat-President
Salesforce & AXA
Customer Success Story
Nicolas Moreau-CEO, AXA
Salesforce & Direct Energy Solar
Customer Success Story
Vadim Polikov-Co-Founder
Salesforce & U.S. Bank
Customer Success Story
Bill Hoffman-Chief Analytics Officer and Head of CRM
Salesforce & VMware
Customer Success Story
Nick King-Vice President of Cloud Marketing
Salesforce & Michelin
Customer Success Story
Sophie Foucque-Director
Salesforce & YETI
Customer Success Story
Matt Reintjes-President & CEO
Salesforce & Maersk
Customer Success Story
Vincent Clerc-Chief Commercial Officer
Salesforce & Shazam
Customer Success Story
Anna Nguyen-Director of Account Management
Salesforce & RED
Customer Success Story
Mark Dybul-Executive Director
Salesforce & Petzl
Customer Success Story
Paul Petzl-President

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