"Fraud was a major concern standing between Gongshow Gear and international expansion. Riskified’s top..."
Tu Nguyen
VP Information Technology
"We feel confident with Riskified on our side. Their scalable solution means that even when our volume..."
Mark Romanelli
VP Product Development
"Since implementing Riskified, the number of fraudulent transactions has diminished, and we have been..."
Alexis Clarbour
"We envisioned a solution that would let our merchants provide an online journey on par with their in-..."
Alessandro Bocca
Head of eCommerce & Global Acceptance Services
"We wanted a tailored solution to meet the needs of every merchant. No matter what the industry or geo..."
Riccardo Gallia
Anti-fraud Programme Manager
"We had long been wary of dealing with international orders, as we had no way to know that the clients..."
Gordon Divine
E-commerce Marketing Manager
"Not only has Riskified freed our customer service team from fraud review, they’ve surpassed their app..."
Felipe Araujo
Head of Ecommerce
"You have to find a solution that helps you stay competitive, a system that lets you to concentrate on..."
Dajana Gajic-Fisic
Head of eCommerce Risk Management
"Fraud was distracting me from focusing on other aspects of my business. I felt confident handing the..."
Rudi Seiberlich
Founder & CEO
"Not only does Riskified save our clients money but it also increases their revenue. We love working w..."
Nicole Johnson
"Riskified gives us peace of mind...."
Jake Risman
Modmerica Group
"Finding a scalable solution was critical to face our high growth situation and Riskified delivered on..."
Michael Benisti
Head of Payments and Revenue Protection
"Riskified has enabled the Gaffos staff to concentrate on more important tasks like building our brand..."
Jonathan Muller
"I'm very pleased with the chargeback protection and lower rate of false declines. But the biggest ben..."
Sarah Sheehan
Sr. Operations Analyst
"Given the real-time nature of the decisions we make, having Riskified instantly review and approve or..."
Atilla Dogan
Payment & Fraud
"I would say Riskified changed our live Doing fraud review yourself based on limited time and knowledg..."
Eileen Shulock
VP of eCommerce

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