"A 3D printer can make everything from a hammer, to a toy, to an architectural model, and Podio has a..."
Bryan Allen
Lead Designer
"Our team currently resides in North California, South California, and Hawaii; now I haven’t moved to..."
PJ Quesada
Owner and VP of Marketing
"One of the reasons we implemented Podio was to share a common and open framework to create, plan, org..."
Murray Duguid
Process and Planning Lead
"Before Podio, every time we implemented a task there was organization involved. With Podio, the organ..."
Rip Pruisken
"But now with Podio any team member can easily go online, look at another space and see what’s going o..."
Helen Aprikyan
VP of Marketing
"Focusing on people and processes, we create value and efficiency by integrating modern communication..."
Daniel Horn
"Podio also offers a flexible and easy way to build new apps, that can be adapted to each organisation..."
Adnan Berberovic
"I created an app in Podio to collect qualitative data. We use a Podio webform to collect impact resul..."
Lindsay Green-Barber
The Center for Investigative Reporting
"To pick one favorite Podio app is like asking which of my children is my favorite – I like them all f..."
Paul Higgins
"We’ve vastly improved our ability to orchestrate and work together as a team because we have a common..."
Michael Brown
Director of Corporate Development
"It’s extremely critical for us to be able to do that from our mobiles, Whenever someone signs a new c..."
Thomas Nicholls
Mobile Expert
"It is not suited for efficient communication within an office. It is easy to get disconnected with th..."
Ricki Melchior
Head of all Online Activity
"From the increased transparency made possible by Podio, we found Podio really improved our client rel..."
Rikke Ulk
Founder & Chief Anthropologist
"Podio has a mind-blowing system to help you work with other people...."
Robert Scoble
Startup Liaison Officer
"Get closer to the job without necessarily being there, through our web-based collaborative platform w..."
Kenneth Christiansen
"As we are all working freelance on the side, it is really important to have goals set to push yoursel..."
Sara Ingemann Holm-Nielsen

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