"By moving to Podio we’ve managing to cut down our help tickets by 50 percent. The social aspect of Po..."
Alan Watson
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
"It has enabled us to almost combine all three of those different functions into one...."
Michael Lentz
Principal & Co-Founder
"To pick one favorite Podio app is like asking which of my children is my favorite – I like them all f..."
Paul Higgins
"Since moving our work to Podio, my team is spending at least an hour less a day on project management..."
Ryan Brock
Founder & CEO
"We register over 1000 man-hours and upload 150 expense vouchers every month using just the Podio app..."
Christian Jacobsen
Managing Director and Co-founder
"We had far too many different tools, too many spreadsheets and few opportunities to organize projects..."
Michael Volkart
"From the increased transparency made possible by Podio, we found Podio really improved our client rel..."
Rikke Ulk
Founder & Chief Anthropologist
"It’s extremely critical for us to be able to do that from our mobiles, Whenever someone signs a new c..."
Thomas Nicholls
Mobile Expert
"The implementation of Podio has completely revolutionized the way we work...."
Rocky Walls
"Before Podio, every time we implemented a task there was organization involved. With Podio, the organ..."
Rip Pruisken
"Podio has helped us a lot in getting our co-workers and projects in sync...."
Karin Ekholm
Public Engagement Officer
"One of the reasons we implemented Podio was to share a common and open framework to create, plan, org..."
Murray Duguid
Process and Planning Lead
"By now 80 to 90 percent of our employees are using only Podio, which cuts down on email traffic, [and..."
Dawid Perkowski
Head of Integrations
"Podio has a mind-blowing system to help you work with other people...."
Robert Scoble
Startup Liaison Officer
"As we are all working freelance on the side, it is really important to have goals set to push yoursel..."
Sara Ingemann Holm-Nielsen
"Everytime I need to find some information like new graphics, materials, deadlines; all I need to do i..."
Monika Całusińska
Media Designer

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