"It's kind of fun formatting everything and seeing how it all works together. You can basically get it..."
Leah Reyes
Senior Designer
"I love that I can customize Podio to the way that I currently work, as opposed to forcing me to adapt..."
Kim Burgas
Lead Designer
"A 3D printer can make everything from a hammer, to a toy, to an architectural model, and Podio has a..."
Bryan Allen
Lead Designer
"We really needed a solution where we had everything in one place, and an overview of what needed to b..."
Juliane Schmeltzer Dybkjaer
"But now with Podio any team member can easily go online, look at another space and see what’s going o..."
Helen Aprikyan
VP of Marketing
"We work with people across the U.S., even Hawaii, so we can now communicate in real time. It just mak..."
Aesha Sharrieff
Senior Manager, eCommerce Interactive Marketing
"We register over 1000 man-hours and upload 150 expense vouchers every month using just the Podio app..."
Christian Jacobsen
Managing Director and Co-founder
"Podio instantly gave all users full transparency about our ongoing projects. We are now able to focus..."
Florian Scholl
IT Department, Head of Global Collaboration
"As we grew and as we started doing more work, there was just no way we could keep all that informatio..."
Bill Hilgendorf
"[The Projects app] automatically feeds back into another app we created that tracks the margins for a..."
Eric Vecchione
Business Development Director
"Because of Podio I see that process, I see them talking about it, I see them asking questions if they..."
Matt Eismann
Shop Manager
"Get closer to the job without necessarily being there, through our web-based collaborative platform w..."
Kenneth Christiansen
"We are an actively growing firm. Over the last 10 years we have developed our management process, how..."
Bobby Livesay
The Livesay Group
"Once I tried Podio, I couldn’t stop using it and finding new ways to apply it to our business...."
Lucio Santilli
Managing Partner
"You get the right information, in the right places, for the right people, at the same time, so it’s n..."
Philip Thestrup
Sales & Marketing Manager
"I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of clunky tech products; you know the ones where your work ha..."
Brian Cleary
Chief Executive Officer

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