"Openbravo was the best of over 80 potential solution that our project team reviewed. We appreciated i..."
Stephen Schober
President & CEO, Metal Supermarkets
"Openbravo was key in the modernization of our IT platform. We chose Openbravo for its Open Source nat..."
John Cheatham
CEO, Supplies Now Inc.
"The Openbravo implementation was key to standardize processes among distributors as part of the compa..."
Edmundo Lozano
IT Manager Sales & Marketing, Johnson Controls Inc.
"The web-based architecture and multiple accounting schema's allowed us to easily extend to our Asian..."
Peter Schalke
CEO, EmceePack
"The adoption of Openbravo has allowed us to improve our efficiency in all areas, especially in produc..."
Conrado Peraza
IT Director
"We value Openbravo’s modern technology as it will enable us to accelerate the store transformations a..."
Paulo Sousa Marquez
Chief Executive Officer
"Openbravo improved the quality of our order management and reduced processing time, both critical asp..."
Daniel Garcia
CTO And Founder
"Depique has two main challenges for the future: the international expansion of the business, and the..."
Carlos Foulquié
Chief Executive Officer
"Openbravo has allowed us to standardize processes and streamline the methodology, controlling high le..."
Xavier Pladellorens
Chief Executive Officer
"We have gained agility in the whole process, especially for purchasing and replenishment, automating..."
Àngel Corcuera
Chief Operating Officer
"Openbravo has laid the foundations of a company 10 or 15 times the current size of INDUMA with an aff..."
Jorge Erdmann Reich
Managing Director
"With Openbravo ERP it is now easier for us to access remote information and get a better picture of a..."
Julio Mota
Commercial Manager, Waiser Scientific
"Openbravo ERP proved to be the right solution for our Research and Development Group, supporting, in..."
Mariano Ruiz
Regular Professor - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
"The needs of the livestock industry are very different from those of others. We needed an open platfo..."
B. Venkatesh Rao
Managing Director, Uttara Foods and Feeds
"The immediate benefit of Openbravo ERP is the lowering of the transaction costs. Now we can finally s..."
Kimmo Niemistö
CEO, Kehä Caravan Tukku
"After several failures with other ERPs we decided to play a new card with Openbravo. We had a very sh..."
Luis Carlos Fernández
CEO, San Remo Latin

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