"Onfleet has streamlined our logistics, freeing us to focus more time and energy on the big picture. M..."
Zach Nelkin
Strategy Officer
"On-time delivery is absolutely key to our business, and Onfleet gives us a stupid simple answer in a..."
Jeff Schenck
"Coupled with Onfleet's superior UI, Route Optimization provides an opportunity to maximize the number..."
David Coupar
Director of Operations
"With Onfleet we can access every piece of data that is important to us with just one click. Since we..."
Yeannie Rath
Head of Operations
"The product is beautifully built and has simplified our operations immensely. Onfleet checked all the..."
Jereme Holiman
Co-founder and Operations
"We love Onfleet! It helped us go from 0 to 60 in delivery management overnight. Our customers love th..."
Marc Manara
"Onfleet plays a key role in our fleet management and helps us start synchronized with our drivers, re..."
Shervin Enayati
CEO and Co-Founder
"Onfleet is a great partner. The service is reliable and effective. The support team is quick to addre..."
Jad Halaou
Co-founder and COO
"We had already seen the writing on the wall when it came to our on-demand delivery fleet, so it was a..."
Taylor Bloom
"Simple, reliable, and affordable, what more could we ask for? Onfleet has made our delivery service t..."
Sean Herlihy
Logistics Manager
"Onfleet has really helped us manage our delivery drivers during our busy lunch hour. I can't imagine..."
Alicia Kemper
General Manager
"Onfleet helps Minibar and our store partners effectively manage deliveries. The platform is jam-packe..."
Chris Korhone
Head of Technology
"Using Onfleet has been a great success. It was easy to implement, we’ve been able to move to an entir..."
Adam Horsman
"We believe plants make people happy, as long as they arrive on time. Onfleet helps make that happen w..."
Andrew Erdle
Partner & VP of Brand
"It's been so easy to implement Onfleet with all our drivers. It has helped us increase customer satis..."
Benjamin Chesler
Co-Founder and COO
"It’s more organized and we are able to contact our drivers while they are en route to a pickup or del..."
Maen Mahfoud
Executive Director

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