"We keep finding new ways to do things faster and smarter with Nuix. Every time we've invested in Nuix..."
Bob Lewis
Global Head of Cyber Forensics and eDiscovery
"Our partnership with Nuix will provide opportunities for National Computer Incident Response Teams (C..."
Anuj Singh
Chief Operating Officer
"If we didn’t finish the project on time, the infrastructure and data would no longer be ours to acces..."
John Del Piero
Vice President
"We have to ensure we’re using the laws, skill sets and tools that are available to us to make sure th..."
Andy Domaille
Head of the Computer Crimes Unit
"Previously, there was a long time from us receiving the evidence and the case officer getting anything..."
Mike Andrews
National Coordinator
"When you’re dealing with an incident response case the one resource you don’t have is time. Nuix give..."
John Douglas
Technical Director
"The beauty of Nuix is that if you can get access to the data, you can open most of those files. If th..."
Marlize Palmer
Head of Library and Archive services
"Nuix sent two senior technical people to our Manchester office to help us install Web Review & Analyt..."
Joel Tobias
Managing Director
"Nuix workstation saves hours of processing time versus other similar pre-eDiscovery review tools...."
U.S. Federal Government Agency
"Whatever we’ve done, Nuix has given us their full support and we’ve always had an open channel to the..."
Nigel Jeffries
Former High Tech Crime Unit Detectives
"We were tasked to locate and remove documents that were not supposed to go with the acquisition acros..."
Bruce Hartley
Chief Technology Officer
"Thanks to Nuix, and their around-the-clock support, we were quickly able to complete a seemingly impo..."
Global Advisory Firm
Senior Consultant
"We were one of the first agencies to roll out Web Review & Analytics and helped pioneer its adoption..."
U.S. Federal Government Agency
"Assessing PII in Office 365 legacy data seemed impossible until we were introduced to Nuix’s Sensitiv..."
Large Financial Institution
Legal Team Member
"Six years ago it may have been feasible to sit and wait for servers to finish imaging on site, but no..."
Dave Childs
Forensic Lab Manager

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