"We believe it's our focus on ethical practices that resonates with our typical end buyer. We’re passi..."
Alex Franklin
Co-founder, A.M. Custom Clothing
"I like the fact that all online profiles are (automatically) connected and accessible. It gives you t..."
Anthony van Geest
CEO, Intermedio Information Technology
"Nimble is really helping us start as we plan to go on, developing strong connections and understandin..."
George Stamatis
Co-founders, Trendr
"This is the most complete Social CRM I have seen yet, and with full integration with Google, Twitter,..."
Taylor Miles
President, WebbROI
"I really enjoy that Nimble is a one-stop-shop which allows for seamless management of multiple networ..."
Angela Perry
Founder, AP Consulting
"Very handy to control your contacts that are everywhere these days. Then it also remembers the commun..."
Robert Giezen
SAP Project Manager/Partner, Global Brainforce
"It allows us to monitor and interact among all our Social network and Social media sites with the eas..."
Stephen R. DeMarie
Vice President
"Having the intelligence on prospects and knowing whether they are already using outside agencies or h..."
Jane Edmonds
Marketing Administrator
"I’ve been involved with a number of high growth tech start-ups and have evaluated many CRM systems. N..."
Oliver Deng
"Nimble is really helping us start as we plan to go on, developing strong connections and understandin..."
Michael Beddows
CEO and Co-founder
"We are using Nimble for our contact database, to track social interactions, and to manage our sales p..."
Dave Hume
Managing Director
"Before Nimble & Google Apps, my team wasted time tracking down contact information and documents. Aft..."
John Whelan
"Nimble is a game-changer for CRM. It's simple, integrated with social networks, tools like MailChimp,..."
Mark Cuban
Billionaire entrepreneur, Owner
"Having Nimble is like having a colleague who's a bit of a sales manager-- here's who you need to call..."
Adam King
Founder and CEO
"The Nimble integration with HootSuite has significantly accelerated the identifying and collecting of..."
Bernie J Mitchell
Digital Consultant
"Simply put, I can't work without Nimble. It's with me everywhere I go, and there every time I need it..."
Bryan Kramer
CEO, PureMatter

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