"My real estate team loves it, as there is nothing like it in our industry...."
Anselm Clinard
Realtor, Nourmand & Associates
"I'm loving Nimble. The design is nice and clear. Good job. One thing I hate about Highrise is that ev..."
Carl Thompson
Co-Founder & CMO, TradeGecko
"Absolutely love the social media elements, especially how you can automatically import contacts from..."
Hannah Ashley
Senior Account Executive
"This is the most complete Social CRM I have seen yet, and with full integration with Google, Twitter,..."
Taylor Miles
President, WebbROI
"I especially like the daily digest which has helped me reconnect with people...and there are some lit..."
Chris Doig
Co-Founder, Wayferry
"We are able to use Nimble and HubSpot data to do an analysis of our customers, and build up some narr..."
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Founder and CEO, Little Bird
"The power to pull together information from various social sources and combine that with my address b..."
Travis Dommert
President, IRUNURUN, LLC
"I really enjoy that Nimble is a one-stop-shop which allows for seamless management of multiple networ..."
Angela Perry
Founder, AP Consulting
"Very handy to control your contacts that are everywhere these days. Then it also remembers the commun..."
Robert Giezen
SAP Project Manager/Partner, Global Brainforce
"I've been using Nimble to help me grow Hunter Digital... It is the best crm platform for my business..."
Eric Lituchy
President, Hunter Digital Marketing
"The Nimble dashboard provides a wonderful way to connect with the people you're tryingto sell to. The..."
Paul Helmick
Founder, State Newslines
"We have evolved from using Nimble as a database to taking advantage of it as a way to measure engageme..."
Heather Dopson
Community Builder
"When I came across Nimble, I knew it was a good fit. I didn’t need the bloated feature set of enterpr..."
Bob Apollo
"Thanks to Nimble our team just closed a sale from LinkedIn. We’re looking forward to discovering and..."
Brian Butler
Account Executive
"With Nimble & Google Apps, we are reminded when a task isn’t completed. This helps us always know whe..."
Financial Crime Partners
"Having Nimble is like having a colleague who's a bit of a sales manager-- here's who you need to call..."
Adam King
Founder and CEO

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