"We looked into NICE and some other vendor options for our QA needs. NICE was a top contender due it t..."
Denise Seydler
Director Customer Service, Arbonne
"We Are Focused On Providing Our Clients With Vluable Insights Into Customer ntractions So That We Can..."
Tom Barone
Interim Head of Omnichannel Operations, eBay Enterprise
"We have made major procedural changes and financial investments that are paying off in so many ways,..."
Susan Mayer
Client Services Manager, eBay Enterprise
"The open lines of communication with NICE and our dedicated internal group mean that we have the focu..."
Aaron Feinberg
Senior Director of Care
"It’s great to have the ability to monitor my agents’ activities in real time! Having the system provi..."
Marcele Silva
Supervisor, Contax
"NICE Real-Time Process Optimization has made it possible for Grupo Contax to increase the quality of..."
Rivaldo Barbosa
Applications Director, Grupo Contax
"NiceVision has become a true partner in the development of this integrated system for the Foxwoods Se..."
Russ Adams
Director of Security
"With NICE’s data integration, automation and real-time guidance, we knew we’d hit a gold mine...."
James Mills
IT Supervisor
"Not only have improvements come as a direct consequence of the system, but also because NICE Workforc..."
Jack Roberts
Manager, EU WFM
"After the best implementation I have ever experienced, we have improved operational efficiency and de..."
Laura Joukovski
Chief Media Officer
"Our Positive Coach Approach training in combination with the Agent Empowerments from NICE have shown..."
Brian Mahoney
Operations Manager, eBay Enterprise
"The benefits of NICE Desktop Automation are enterprise-wide and will serve Liq well into the future...."
Dante Minucci
IT Manager
"The NICE system keeps me organized and on target with my monthly goals. It gives me a good view of wh..."
QA Analyst, Arbonne
"Now we understand why customers are feeling a certain way and can do root cause analysis that allows..."
Anthony Chang
Business Analyst
"The NICE solutions provide us the capability to get accurate and consistent information faster and mo..."
Fabio Binuesa
Quality Manager, Itaucard
"NICE Systems is an integral part of our technology improvement plan...."
Roger Carter
Call Management Support Unit

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