"By using the Speed Alert functionality within the solution, we have reduced speedJOH by 92 percent...."
Jeff Dumas
Vice President
"We have completely eliminated unnecessary idling, significantly reducing fuel costs. Additionally, it..."
David White
Sr., Operations Analyst
"When we first implemented the NexTraq solution, we knew it was something we wanted and would use, but..."
Nathan Franklin
Electrical Engineer
"With the NexTraq Fleet tracking solution, we have streamlined our dispatching and routing process inc..."
Eric Witteborg
Operations Manager
"I chose NexTraq because of the Fleet Dispatch application and its ability to create turn-by-turn dire..."
Jerry Santos
General Manager
"We have had a great partnership with NexTraq over the past few years and we look forward to continuin..."
Tommy Elworth
Fleet Coordinator
"The NexTraq solution is an excellent tool that makes you more efficient and improves customer relatio..."
Kerry Taylor
"When we implemented the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution, unauthorized driver activity was virtually e..."
Hoss Oskouie
Vice President
"We immediately saw an 80 percent decrease in idle time using the Idle Report in the NexTraq Fleet Tra..."
Steven Melton
General Manager
"The NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking solution has definitely been beneficial as well as essential for our g..."
Jodie Evrard
Office Manager
"Because of the tracking functionality, driver behavior has changed, making our fleet more efficient...."
Robert Noel
Special Projects Manager / GIS Manager and Acting Collection System Superintendent
"We have been able to recover $400,000 worth of stolen vehicles and equipment with the NexTraq solutio..."
Evelyn Herzog
Fleet Administrator
"Overtime hours were reduced by 50%, saving Accardi Foods more than $80,000 a year in overhead costs...."
Joe Russo
"We have improved driver productivity by 15 percent by being able to quickly communicate to the closes..."
Jason Jay
Asset Manager
"While it’s our business to respond to an emergency situation as quickly as possible, driver safety, a..."
Jeff Waid
Director of Communication and Quality Improvement
"We were having issues trying to locate our guys in an efficient manner. Now, I can quickly pull up th..."
Linsey Arbogast
Fleet Operations Manager

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