"It’s a simple ROI. Once you test and believe in the premise of moving to cloud storage, it’s a very s..."
Mazi Fayazfar
Senior Director, Information Technology
"Nasuni makes all the data available–at every office. Teams are collaborating more and more simply bec..."
Mike Driscoll
Infrastructure Architect
"With Nasuni we have gigabit access from the local offices and because we could use a Microsoft DFS ar..."
Jim Bonczek
IT Manager, Barry Isett & Associates
"The culture of Nasuni was quite important...."
Chris Wade
Global Head of IT
"Our employees didn’t even realize we switched over to the Nasuni. One day they were using a file serv..."
Don Willemarck
Director of IT
"Nasuni is a very reliable and robust platform. It’s one thing I don’t need to worry about on evenings..."
Brian Erickson
IT Implementation and Acquisition Manager
"We have 8 offices using Revit to deliver a wide range of Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil..."
Brent Morris
IT Manager
"We had to figure out what fits both IT and business needs and look at the long-term strategy. How can..."
David Cottman
Manager of Graphics Solutions
"When we would have a file hosted in our Dublin office and we had employees in Cleveland working on th..."
Kevin Wildman
Director of IT
"Increasingly, we’re seeing customers want to incorporate object storage into their architectures to r..."
Peter Sjoberg
VP Global Content and Data Intelligence Business
"It reduces the workload for our IT group. It saves us time...."
Tony Scrimenti
Director, Global Infrastructure and Vendor Management
"A fairly signifi cant portion of our [IT] budget was spent not just on internal storage, but the back..."
Murali Selvaraj
Chief Information Officer
"Nasuni was the leader of the pack…it ticked all the requirements in one clean sweep...."
Abz Mungul
Solutions Architect
"I have a global solution with best-in-class DR leveraging infrastructure I can trust. And it costs le..."
Scott Strickland
Global CIO
"With Nasuni being the file server on site, those designers are getting files at local LAN speed...."
Calvin Olson
IT Manager
"I never have to get involved in storage at all. It’s a black box and it just works...."
Scott Strickland
Global CIO

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