"In addition to meeting all of our technical requirements, the cost effectiveness and the ease of expa..."
Gregory Fait
Director of IT
"Nasuni has given us the opportunity to use cloud storage by directly addressing our data security and..."
Stirling Thomas
IT Director, Gesmer Updegrove LLP
"I no longer hear complaints about slowness of file access. On top of that, our customers are also con..."
Dave De Young
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
"Any global or multiregional organization would benefit greatly from Nasuni because it provides a true..."
Don Pointing
Global Technology Director
"A fairly signifi cant portion of our [IT] budget was spent not just on internal storage, but the back..."
Murali Selvaraj
Chief Information Officer
"Companies are shifting from traditional file storage approaches to cloud-based architectures that off..."
David Bass
EVP of Engineering and CTO
"It reduces the workload for our IT group. It saves us time...."
Tony Scrimenti
Director, Global Infrastructure and Vendor Management
"Nasuni is a very reliable and robust platform. It’s one thing I don’t need to worry about on evenings..."
Brian Erickson
IT Implementation and Acquisition Manager
"Increasingly, we’re seeing customers want to incorporate object storage into their architectures to r..."
Peter Sjoberg
VP Global Content and Data Intelligence Business
"Nasuni is the default location for all our files. It’s like having one big file server for Office doc..."
Jason Benway
IT Infrastructure Manager
"Given AECOM’s size, there have been a wide range of file storage challenges, from struggles to collab..."
Rohn Noirot
Senior Global Director of Storage and Backup
"My favorite thing about Nasuni is the support team and the people that work for Nasuni. We work with..."
Brooke Grammier
LEO A Daly
"I foresee migrating more data to this solution, such as our department shares and additional PACS bec..."
Paul Feilmeier
IT Infrastructure Manager
"I have a global solution with best-in-class DR leveraging infrastructure I can trust. And it costs le..."
Scott Strickland
Global CIO
"We are a global company that was sharing files like the Tower of Babel. Up to half of the storage we..."
Adam Sharp
CIO of International
"With Nasuni being the file server on site, those designers are getting files at local LAN speed...."
Calvin Olson
IT Manager

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