"With Nasuni we have gigabit access from the local offices and because we could use a Microsoft DFS ar..."
Jim Bonczek
IT Manager, Barry Isett & Associates
"We’re running AutoCAD and Revit and all the applications that architects typically use. The goal was..."
Mark Andersen
VP of Information Technology
"Nasuni is what storage should have been all along: a comprehensive storage solution with built-in dat..."
Joe Cruz
IT Technical Director
"I no longer hear complaints about slowness of file access. On top of that, our customers are also con..."
Dave De Young
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
"The culture of Nasuni was quite important...."
Chris Wade
Global Head of IT
"It’s a simple ROI. Once you test and believe in the premise of moving to cloud storage, it’s a very s..."
Mazi Fayazfar
Senior Director, Information Technology
"Nasuni has given us the opportunity to use cloud storage by directly addressing our data security and..."
Stirling Thomas
IT Director, Gesmer Updegrove LLP
"Backup and storage are so much easier now. I don’t have to think a lot about it, which is great. We p..."
Greg Nichols
Chief Technology Officer
"When we moved all the data to Nasuni, our clientele inside the museum noted that access to that data..."
Rob Zschernitz
Chief Technology Officer
"Nasuni is the default location for all our files. It’s like having one big file server for Office doc..."
Jason Benway
IT Infrastructure Manager
"With CAD and other types of unstructured data growing and playing a critical role in every project, a..."
Dennis DiPalma
MIS Project Leader
"I foresee migrating more data to this solution, such as our department shares and additional PACS bec..."
Paul Feilmeier
IT Infrastructure Manager
"Nasuni was the leader of the pack…it ticked all the requirements in one clean sweep...."
Abz Mungul
Solutions Architect
"Nasuni’s biggest strength at our company is being able to provide a file to any end user no matter wh..."
Michael Viselli
IS Project Manager
"The best IT integrations are the ones that go off quietly, without anyone knowing they even occurred...."
Daniel Neises
Director of IT, Sedgwick LLP
"With Nasuni, we’re able to scale capacity instantly, which means we can react to unpredictable case l..."
Donna Halac
Manager, Information Technology

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