"That one ecosystem of products gives us the overview that we need to see how some of these really com..."
Una deBoer
Director, Global Marketing and Strategy
"With Project Online, we are using best practices that we didn’t before. For example, we have better c..."
Karim Osorio
Research Engineer
"With Microsoft Project Online, we’re driving informed decision-making across the organization, reduci..."
Michael Baker
Senior Vice President Investment Operations
"Using Project Online, we now track how we’re doing against our estimates. Even with just one year of..."
Bruno Freitas
Senior Manager, Project Management Office
"We have a better overview of project timelines and resource allocation. With Project Online, we can s..."
Roy Op ten Berg
Process Operations Leader
"Now that we’re using Project Online, team communication is more efficient and we are spending less ti..."
Giulio Iachetti
Site Manager and Project Manager
"By implementing new processes with Project Online, we have generated a new culture across the entire..."
Ofra Fraenkel
Senior Division Manager Information System (CIO)
"Two teams have started using Project Online for timesheets, and it’s been much faster to enter their..."
Onno de Wildt
Process Developer
"We estimate that we’ll be able to decrease project management time by at least 10 percent by using Pr..."
Anders Lehr
Senior Project Manager
"We’re all working off the same information. Everybody has the ability to know what’s going on, anytim..."
Rick Rodney
Project Management Supervisor
"The information that we glean from this software is allowing us to operate our business in a far more..."
Scott Dunlop
Master Scheduler
"Good governance internally and externally is absolutely critical for AIMCo...."
Michael Patrick
Solutions Partner
"With Microsoft Project Online, we’ve been able to match IT workload with resources available. consoli..."
Dan Butcher
Corporate Portfolio Manager
"We now have the flexibility to choose the best projects based on our strategic direction and adjust o..."
Xiaoye Luo
Deputy General Manager
"A great advantage of Project Online is that senior management can get an updated report on each proje..."
Juan Manuel Sánchez-Quinzá
Director, Project Office
"With the workflows in Project Online, our PMO’s project sponsors, demand owners, and other managers s..."
Sibel Aydinli
Operational Excellence and Project Management Lead

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