"With more than one person working out of our content sets, we would have had a hard time tracking ver..."
Tom Tregner
Enterprise Training Engineer
"Within a couple days, we were able to deliver a customized user manual as a Word file, so the user co..."
Denise Kadilak
Information Architect
"We also like the ability to customize our content with Flare. We have two sets of users, developers a..."
David Owens
User Education Manager
"Flare offers a way to develop better documentation and online Help without having to shutdown and re-..."
David Dayton
"We use Flare to create a very user friendly cascading presentation of information where the content m..."
Neil Maartens
Director of Documentation
"I have used other source control systems with Flare, and they have each had their challenges. The Mad..."
Kate Montressor
Senior Technical Writer
"Migrating from FrameMaker® to Flare made more sense to me than I expected. Flare simply makes it so m..."
Thomas Bro-Rasmussen
Localization Manager
"We are using MadCap Flare for most of our customers projects. Some are still working/requesting Word..."
André Vanderschueren
Technical Writer
"With MadCap Flare and Capture, we now have a central source for content and high quality screen image..."
Adrian Morse
documentation manager
"I have been working with Flare since its inception, and I’ve also taken CSS online courses, yet I sti..."
Candee Hellberg
"EMPI is delighted to collaborate with MadCap and train students and professionals in the field of tec..."
Pankaj Saran
vice president
"With Flare, we were able to create our first mobile Help implementation in less than two weeks, and s..."
Mark Metcalfe
Documentation Director
"MadCap support is fantastic. The key thing that I appreciate is that the support team gets back to us..."
Bob Bolt
Senior Technical Writer
"MadCap Flare offers a complete solution that is able to meet authoring needs at all levels of complex..."
Dariusz Drezno
cofounder and coordinator of the Technical Communication
"True to its promise, Lingo enabled translation while preserving all of our document structure and for..."
Rowdy Bristol
Gemcom Software Australia Pty. Ltd
"I have been a technical writer for twenty-six years and was a technical editor for seven years before..."
Dean Kaflowitz
Technical Writer

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