"With Looker, the people in my organization can explore the data we need more quickly and efficiently..."
Geoff Guerdat
Director of Data Engineering, Gilt
"Looker is a whole company tool. It's not something that just our Marketing or Product team uses. It's..."
Justin Riservato
Director of PMO
"Using Looker helps us to pull more value from our data. Being data-driven fundamentally allows Gilt t..."
Geoff Sanders
VP of Digital Marketing adds
"Both lightweight and flexible, Looker has allowed our users to access near-live data sets, creating t..."
Britt Crawford
VP Business Analysis and Pricing, Rafter
"One of the most satisfying moments is when our CEO brings up Looker in a board meeting and shows some..."
Dheeraj Kumar
Director of Data Warehouse Operations
"I can’t really emphasize enough just how much Looker has helped us. We’re extremely tuned in now to a..."
Alex Johnson
Head of Operations
"With Looker, the marketing team has the ability to look at the relationships and queries, which has c..."
Andy Zinsser
Software Engineer
"Looker’s open architecture let me build a data platform that we can use to drive, not just report on,..."
Nick Amabile
Director of Business Intelligence
"If you tie clear information, compelling outcome and low barriers to adoption, you can drive behavior..."
Kevin Clough
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
"We can make even faster, more well-informed decisions than ever before. It’s been so positive that we..."
James Sandora
Global Head of Digital Strategy and Integration, Kohler
"Looker offers us the ability to build custom apps for both our employees and our customers. As we’re..."
Bashir Eghbali
Director of Data Services & Engineering
"DigitalOcean is always trying to innovate and prefers not to rely on someone else’s way of doing thin..."
Robert Olson
Director of Data & Analytics
"Looker has been a tremendous success in enabling Casper, and really evolving our data driven culture...."
Scott Breitenother
VP of Data and Analytics
"Almost all of our business users work with Looker. There’s a lot of great analysis and exploration yo..."
Koen Mevissen
Principal BI Developer
"Using Looker, I can answer internal stakeholders' questions quickly, succinctly, beautifully. And I k..."
Anna Glander
Product Analyst
"Data is used to understand whether all of the work I do is successful or not. Having a data platform,..."
Andy Hattemer
User Acquisition Manager

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