"Localytics gives us the ability to address app design and navigation challenges with more than just i..."
Kevin Madsen
Head of Partnerships and Growth
"We want to seamlessly deliver functionality users love and respond to. Localytics Analyze acts as QA..."
James Patterson
Chief Executive Officer
"Localytics saves me time and makes it a lot easier to communicate test results. It provides actual in..."
Jon Gillman
Product Manager
"Localytics is an invaluable tool for our marketing, engineering, and product teams. We use Localytics..."
Bjorn Fant
Director of Marketing
"The wealth of user data we haveis so vast, it can be hard to findthe little golden nuggets of infoyou..."
Erik Kubik
Marketing Executive
"As an independent developer, Localytics is a necessity. With Localytics, I’ve been able to identify a..."
Arman Dezfuli-Arjomandi
"Predictions has helped us understand the most and least engaging interactions so that we recognize k..."
Katrin Sauerwein
Senior Product Analyst
"Localytics is an outstanding partner to collaborate with on joint sales and co-marketing opportunitie..."
Nate Leung
"Localytics Funnels takes the guess work out of what is and isn’t working in our conversion process. T..."
Satej Sirur
Head of Product
"Implementing Localytics hasdramatically improved the waywe collaborate at BackflipStudios. Anyone is..."
Kyle Campbell
Data Analyst
"With Localytics, we are able to track uninstalls as an important complement to our efforts to better..."
Marcelo Da Costa Zeferino
Mobile Product Manager
"Localytics not only helps us better understand our users' behavior, it also helped solidify our relat..."
Peter Sloterdyk
Vice President, Marketing
"Localytics has been able toscale without sampling ourdata or sacrificing granularity. The ability to..."
Bryan Levine
Product Manager
"Before, we assumed things about why users churn, and based our targeting on those assumptions. With p..."
Thies Gruning
Mobile Marketing Manager
"Localytics Marketing pays for itself. Customized in-app messages are huge for promoting sales on back..."
Chris Tarrow
Manager, Tablet Production
"Localytics allowed us to quicklytest and iterate on our messagingstrategy. Since the messagingtools a..."
Ryan Sullivan
Head of Analytics

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