"Localytics saves me time and makes it a lot easier to communicate test results. It provides actual in..."
Jon Gillman
Product Manager, RunKeeper
"Localytics gives us the ability to address app design and navigation challenges with more than just i..."
Kevin Madsen
Head of Partnerships and Growth
"Localytics takes the guessworkout of our app strategy. Withevery interface update, it’s easyto unders..."
Marie Steinthaler
Head of Marketing Growth
"Localytics Funnels take theguesswork out of what is andisn’t working in our conversionprocess. The in..."
Satej Sirur
Head of Product
"Implementing Localytics hasdramatically improved the waywe collaborate at BackflipStudios. Anyone is..."
Kyle Campbell
Data Analyst
"Acquisition, app usage, andmarketing are all part of onecustomer journey. Localyticswas the only solu..."
Pantos Papazoglou
Mobile Product Manager
"One of our core values at Jana is to ‘measure it.’ When building our products, we often come across qu..."
Jessica Lee
Product Manager
"As an independentdeveloper, Localytics is anecessity. With LocalyticsI’ve been able to identify andim..."
Arman Dezfuli-Arjomandi
"With a rapidly scaling business and user base, we urgently needed to improve the efficiency of our dat..."
Madeleine Want
Product Manager
"Localytics stood out fromthe pack because we couldeasily track all of our appdata and create any repo..."
Tim Annan
Growth PM
"Localytics real-time insightsenabled us to make changesquickly and improve on ourKPIs. We’ve been exp..."
Varun Srinivasan
"Engaging our customers throughmobile is at the top of our prioritylist, and we consider pushmessaging..."
Lee Boykoff
SVP Data Strategy
"Localytics is spectacular atcapturing behavioral databecause it is lightweight andeasy to code into y..."
Matt Restivo
Director of Product Development
"Localytics Marketing pays for itself. Customized in-app messages are huge for promoting sales on back..."
Chris Tarrow
Manager, Tablet Production, American Media, Inc.
"Localytics allowed us to quicklytest and iterate on our messagingstrategy. Since the messagingtools a..."
Ryan Sullivan
Head of Analytics
"We chose Localytics over Google Analytics because it makes it so easy to measure all our acquisition e..."
Matthew Burns
Director of Growth & Product, Breaking Data Corp.

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