"The flexibility of the LANSA repository has provided us with a key foundation for the continued relev..."
Deb Kane
Manager Application development
"With LANSA we delivered a solution very quickly. We started training in July and developed the site d..."
Gonzalo Zeballos Ferrel
IT Manager
"Now that we have the right functionality in place, we are looking at using LANSA for the Web to Web e..."
Tony Chadwick`
Chief Information Officer
"We can’t afford to spend hours writing low-level code if tools can do it for us. LANSA’s IDE comes wi..."
Scott Steinacher
Web/Data Architect
"We used LANSA to develop a sophisticated web application that provides our users with a unified view..."
Scott Steinacher
Developer and Data Architect
"We made a large leap forward. We are about ten months into the project now and what we have implement..."
Ed Kalafarski
Materials Director
"Our goal is to redevelop the entire application in Visual LANSA Framework. Going through the RAMP sta..."
Hartmut Vietzke
Application Manager
"LANSA is well designed. Components and styles are called out of libraries, which makes it very easy t..."
Charlie Roth
Systems Analyst
"With FlowBase400 and LANSA we can rely on the accuracy and timeliness of the data that drives our man..."
Ron Duffett
Manager of Global Manufacturing Systems
"It allowed us to easily execute our existing RPG system in a Windows environment and immediately star..."
Greg Johnson
Team Leader - New Technology Group
"It ended up being a fantastic product and we continue to make it better. Our sales guys are very happ..."
Greg Neal
Director Product Development
"We believe in the products we sell. Our project provides a great example for our customers of how you..."
Chantal Applewhite
Managing Director
"Visual LANSA performs very well in demanding, large and international projects like ours. The applica..."
Brian Turgeon
Application Development Supervisor
"When we learned that we could use Visual LANSA to develop both Web and Windows solutions, we were rea..."
Jim O'Reilly
"LANSA is productive in development, but more importantly we have found that our LANSA developed appli..."
Gavin Mills
IS Manager
"Management has been provided with faster access to information to support decision-making, while at a..."
Wayne Impey
Chief Financial Officer

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