"The power of the Kognitio's DaaS solution with WX2 means that as demand grows, we switch on more blad..."
Amr Hassan
CEO and co-founder, Match2Lists.com
"We can use that data along with our retail expertise to provide insights and recommendations that are..."
Jim Hertel
Managing Partner, Willard Bishop
"By doing such a simple correlation as matching sales data to staffing levels, we have already realized..."
Robert George
Finance Director
"When I spoke to Kognitio I explained I had a marketing manager's nightmare. I was very successful, bu..."
Polly Gowers
Founder and CEO, Everyclick
"Enabling that kind of rapid response is where Kognitio Cloud provides us with a higher degree of perf..."
Duncan McCall
Chief Executive Officer
"Kognitio demonstrates absolutely jaw-dropping performance and is backed up by real IT professionals w..."
Fiachra Woodman
IT Director, AIMIA
"Thanks to Kognitio we are now getting results in faster than ever before; prior to seeing Kognitio i..."
Peter Gleason
Managing Director of Insight and Communication Division
"We’re committed to helping our customers find the best travel products and solutions, and we look for..."
Tony Gray
Director of Business Intelligence Architecture and Operations, Orbitz
"Speed and responsiveness are pivotal to our ability to serve clients, both in the delivery of adverti..."
Pradeep Ananthapadmanabhan
Chief Technology Officer for the Vivaki Nerve Center, VivaKi
"Kognitio gives us the chance to go beyond the confines of typical databases – we can now run queries..."
Brian Canning
Chief Technology Officer, TRA
"We were very impressed with the fast speeds at which Kognitio can be deployed. Once we had placed our..."
Martin Davies
Chief Technology Officer, bet365
"Our first product was a general purpose SQL system that was more geared towards processing transactio..."
Steve Degg
Regulatory, Compliance & Information Officer
"One benefit of Kognitio WX2 is that we can ask oblique, train-of-thought questions without any pre-pro..."
Tony Harper
Database and Research Manager, Scottish Power
"For a whole decade, we have been able to rely on Kognitio and its technology to help us stay ahead of..."
Arthur Winn
Head of Pricing, BT
"Chip & PIN authentication of credit and debit card transactions became mandatory in February 2006, fo..."
Martin Squires
Customer Intelligence and Analysis Manager, M&S Bank

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