"The technology has enabled us to get a more holistic view of a candidate’s story, contributing to mor..."
Niki da Silva
Managing Director
"Using Kira Talent’s platform is certainly making our admissions process more rigorous, helping us to..."
Cath Woodward
Team Leader
"Every university has different targets and deadlines to meet, and by launching the Kira platform, for..."
Joanne Gillespie
International and EU Recruitment Officer
"Unequivocally, I would recommend Kira Talent. It has given us a tool which has made our admissions pr..."
Shai Dubey
"We have students from wide geographical areas and different time zones, so Kira Talent really was a c..."
Amy Bryson
Director Of Recruiting And Admissions
"Because I can get more done in less time, I can actually meet more applicants. You can’t put a price..."
Meredith Richardson
Admissions Manager, Specialty Programs
"Our experience at the Olin Business School has been very positive. I especially appreciated the innov..."
Nikki Lemley
Associate Director, Specialized Masters Programs Admissions
"Prior to using Kira, if we had, say, two hundred short-listed international applicants that’s 200 30-..."
Eric Olson
Executive Director of Enrollment Operations
"Kira is helping us interview the right candidates...."
Erin Town
"Our first impression of Kira was the incredible amount of information it let us gather in no time fla..."
Anik Low
Administrative Director of the MBA program
"In admissions, it’s not only us selecting our students, it’s also them selecting us. Now, we have coh..."
Nathalie Naveda
Admissions Manager
"In our experience, well-rounded students are among the most successful in our program. Kira offered u..."
Maria White
Assistant Dean, Academic
"Our applicants will have an opportunity to respond and share more of who they are in a highly creativ..."
Praveen Muruganandan
Director, Admission and Advancement
"We’re really excited about looking beyond the open-ended questions and that we can be more objective..."
Alison Merzel
Sr. Director, Graduate Student Recruitment
"Kira Talent’s expert consultants shared important insights and facilitated timely discussions. The Gr..."
Michael Stoloff
Dean of the Graduate School
"When they come to life on the screen, suddenly you realize time management (how do they use their dri..."
Virginie Fougea
Director of MBA Recruiting and Admissions

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