"Thanks to Instart Logic, the images load much more quickly, so users can interact with the IFTTT appl..."
Linden Tibbets
Founder and CEO, IFTTT
"There is real difference in perceived user experience between Instart Logic and CloudFront. With Inst..."
Jeff Chen
Co-Founder, Pixlee
"Our goal is to create a high-end luxury experience and showcase our designer's products in an amazing..."
Keiron McCammon
CEO and Founder, Bonfaire
"A fashion ECommerce site is really dependent on images. Instart Logic has cut our initial load times..."
Joost Van der Veer
CEO and Founder, Winkelstraat.nl
"Instart showed me how different user perception is from the actual load time. What do we care if it t..."
Eric Marston
CTO and Co-Founder
"In addition to its intelligent content delivery that adapts to our visitors’ changing environments, I..."
Alain Gaeremynck
Senior Enterprise Architect
"At the end of the day, when you come to washingtonpost.com you come to the content delivery provider,..."
Shailesh Prakash
Chief Information Officer and VP Digital Product Development
"Instart’s AI and machine learning enables us to serve personalized, dynamic content at speeds so fast..."
Rajeev Rai
Chief Technology Officer
"Akamai understands networks and serving assets, but Instart Logic really understands web applications..."
Jim Greer
CEO, Kongregate
"I’m most impressed with Instart’s image compressions techniques. Our images are 500 KB to 1 megabyte..."
Ali Khan
Vice President of Technology
"In the Ecommerce world, especially in the luxury segment, it’s all about high-visual impact. If we ca..."
Keiron McCammon
Chief Technology Officer
"We saved months of engineering time by using Instart and got dramatic performance improvements. It wa..."
Ori Zaltzman
Chief Technology Officer
"It doesn’t matter what your online pricepoint is in the world of Ecommerce. If you’re attracting traf..."
Carlos Moreno
Chief Technology Officer
"Instart Logic’s software solution goes far beyond the network. What we liked was their image optimiza..."
Greg Franczyk
Director of Software Engineering, The Washington Post
"If you’re serious about growing and competing in the online world, forget cutting corners on your CDN..."
Shirin Kaviani
Chief Executive Officer
"Third-party tag bottlenecks account for slow downs on 45% of news media sites and 26.5% of ecommerce..."

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