"Hoopla gives us the flexibility to level the playing field and make our contests fairer for all of ou..."
Aaron Kelly
Application Manager
"We saw a 60% increase in Salesforce user adoption. And when we reconciled it with our phone reports,..."
Dan Bonner
Sales Director
"We’re really happy with Hoopla. Hoopla is taking us where we want to go, and we’re really excited abo..."
Chris Breikss
President, Co-Founder
"Before, the rest of the organization didn’t have visibility into what everyone was doing. With Hoopla..."
Nick Boeka
In-Charge, Partner Operations
"Salespeople are like athletes. The more information they have that is relevant to the race they’re ru..."
Mike Massimi
Director, Sales & International Development
"We’re looking at about a 1,000% increase from where we were two years ago, with no additional headcou..."
Chad Burmeister
Director of Corporate Sales
"Hoopla was so easy to get up and running. We had our first stats and leaderboards created within two..."
Carter Perez
Senior Vice President
"When a deal closes, we flip a switch and get the instant applause. We closed the largest deal in comp..."
Stu Schmidt
"Everybody from the president on down has Hoopla on their TVs and will watch sales updates as they com..."
Stephen Leopold
Vice President of Ticket Sales
"With Hoopla, we can tailor what we’re showing on the screen to what is most important to us at that p..."
Todd Randolph
Senior Manager of CRM and Analytics
"The most popular leaderboard is the global month total. The staff are competing all month long to get..."
Robert Westell
"You can see names and faces of people that are working in the other office as well as your office. Th..."
Daniel Seabrook
Business Development Consultant, London
"The distance between teams doesn’t ma‚er because Hoopla displays the content necessary to stay up-to-..."
Jeff Frieden
Director of Sales
"Until Hoopla, we had never seen people clapping and high-fiving when a deal closed...."
Ben Jackson
Vice President of Sales
"People have been asking what all the hoopla is about, and now they know. Hoopla is a cutting edge gam..."
Conner Schaars
Director of Sales Systems & Automation
"By motivating our reps to perform the behaviors we know lead to success, we’ve improved the sales tea..."
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