"I’ve been through three point of sales systems and three scheduling systems, but Gusto has always bee..."
Becky Sunseri
"Gusto helps me take really good care of my team, which is something that’s super important to me...."
Andrea Talley
Founder & CEO
"Gusto has great customer service; they’ve been really accountable and upfront about any issues that c..."
Ryan Pokrasso
"It’s like having in-house payroll Gusto does it for me; I don’t need to worry about it...."
Chris Farkas
Chief Executive Officer
"Gusto is an exceptionally good deal and clearly meets all our business needs. I honestly can’t imagin..."
Eric Ferguson
General Manager
"It’s rewarding to work on problem that affects so many people, Most people have been in the situation..."
Amneet Bhurji
Finance Manager
"Our philosophy when it comes to benefits is that we don’t just want to match the market. We want to l..."
Kate Arambula
People & Culture Director
"After running payroll manually for two years, you realize how much time you save with Gusto...."
Kelly Trace
"With Gusto, I think of payroll as a 30-second job now rather than 30 minutes and scary. The website i..."
Pankaj Garg
Business Owner
"Gusto gives a small business the same resources as a Fortune 500 company...."
Gabriel Shahin
Chief Executive Officer
"With Gusto, we are nearly 100% paperless with employee records. Onboarding takes 10 minutes...."
Neil Berrett
Business Owner
"With Gusto, we are nearly 100% paperless with employee records. Onboarding takes 10 minutes...."
Neil Berrett
"By using Gusto to manage benefits, there is less paperwork and I know we are always in compliance...."
Jessica Higbee
Operations Manager
"With Gusto, we can actually provide benefits to a small team, easily...."
Jennifer Ghidinelli
"By managing benefits with Gusto, employees have the opportunity to enroll without me having to do any..."
Anya Black
Practice Manager
"My favorite thing about Gusto is the compliance aspect. They make quarterly taxes, onboarding, and ev..."
Luke Henke
Accounting Manager

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