"Visibility is an initiative that touches our finance, inventory control, merchants, distribution cent..."
Rhona Lishinsky
Senior director of logistics
"By providing accurate ETA status in the cloud through GT Nexus, our importers and affiliates now have..."
Francesca Gamboni
Renault Group
"GT Nexus connects our whole supply chain network and ensures everyone is working from the same data a..."
Hendrik-Jan Muis
Operations Director
"Our new cloud visibility system from GT Nexus coordinates the flow of finished goods from the factory..."
Ian Mallison
"The company made some big bets, and not at the most usual times. From a supply chain perspective, tha..."
Matt Tabisz
Director of North America logistics
"Trade Xpress delivers a competitive advantage that allows us to increase sales and meet specific requ..."
Adriana Duque
Supertex S.A.
"There are very limited avenues to get finances. It is very helpful when buyers extend supply chain fi..."
Narendra Somani
Chief Financial Officer
"With GT Nexus we have an information platform which gives us a level of transparency needed to give b..."
Dror Noach
Case New Holland
"As you grow volume, complexity, products, and SKUs, [there’s] the sheer volume of data you need to ma..."
Mick Jones
Vice President, Supply Chain Strategy & Innovation
"...we contacted their retail clients to verify whether the story was as good as we had been told. It..."
Steve Banker
ARC Advisory Group
"Connecting our trading partners on one global network with automated documents and workflows will imp..."
Linda Hoebe
Chief Financial Officer
"Like any global manufacturer, visibility across our shipments is critical. With GT Nexus we have an i..."
Dror Noach
VP of Distribution Logistics
"GT Nexus simplifies the way we manage global commerce and allows us to work in a transparent, efficie..."
Larry Grischow
Group VP Supply Chain
"We had to get visibility. You can’t make network decisions if you don’t have it...."
Tom France
Director of transportation and supply chain solutions
"By adopting the Supplier Financing program, Tata Accesorios Globales gets paid faster at better terms..."
Julio Arce
Chief Financial Officer
"The name of the game is money, and when you get your money before you expect it, it’s priceless...."
Kurt Cavano
Chairman and CEO

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