"Shell rolled out GreenOrbit to 30,000 users within 1 week and deployed globally over the following mo..."
Global Intranet Manager
"Audi chose the GreenOrbit solution because it was able to deliver all of the features out of the box...."
IT Specialist
"Thanks to simplifying transactional HR we now have the capacity to focus on the needs of the business..."
Ross Williamson
Head of People and Talent
"GreenOrbit enables staff to connect like never before through strong sharing of skillsets, interests..."
Carter Thermal Industries(CTI)
"I love the news feature, its so easy to use and I use it in many different ways. The Lowes intranet h..."
Angela Ro
Human Resources Coordinator
"Ecorys were looking for a solution that would enable staff to participate and share knowledge from al..."
Iwan Westfa
IT Manager
"The biggest benefit we have achieved is access to documents that are up to date. We’ve also achieved..."
Melanie Fisher
People & Culture Advisor
"Our interactions with the GreenOrbit team have been amazing. Everyone has been so friendly, helpful,..."
Kadie Groh
Learning and Development Specialist
"You can do pretty much everything with it!..."
Craig Burdick
Associate Director of Development Communications
"Being a new venture, our policies and procedures are constantly changing as we are learning on the jo..."
Elise Turner
Marketing Director
"One of the key benefits of GreenOrbit that we enjoy is the ability to use Online Forms. We use forms..."
Wayne Kuzek
IT Manager
"One of the things that we are using it for is delivery schedules. It allows the branch to maintain th..."
James Bowes
Senior Systems Administrator
"The commitment was there. The GreenOrbit team went above and beyond. All of this has led to the succe..."
Serdar Demirel
Internal Communications Manager
"GreenOrbit News is the organization’s favourite feature and enables everyone to receive critical info..."
Marianne Zander
Executive Manager of Communications
"We always place the safety of our crew first and foremost, so providing a strong training program has..."
Bill McCartney
Chief Executive Officer
"A solution that was simple to use...."
Maria Aledia
IT Technical Team Leader

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