"As a design firm, our ISO 13485 certification is a competitive advantage. Greenlight Guru made gettin..."
Donna Philput
Senior Quality/Regulatory Specialist
"With Greenlight Guru, you've got software, but also what amounts to a personal consultant. Those conn..."
Lynsie Thomason
Regulatory and Operations Lead
"I believe the quality system I've institued actually gives me a competitive advantage against a lot o..."
Dan Holton
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
"A lot of times, if people don't understand quality systems, they think they just want to use paper be..."
Kyle Rose
"Greenlight Guru has already paid for itself in the added value brought to us by successfully flying t..."
Kate Montgomery
Lead R&D Scientist
"We’ve even used smaller software that is supposed to be more straight-forward. That takes months and..."
Jeff Schwegman
Director of Engineering
"It's very easy to get all of our team on the same page and effortlessly trace various efforts through..."
Ryan Shelton
Co-Founder and VP of Clinical Operations
"$20 million might not seem like a lot of money to you, but if you get a $20 million haircut on your v..."
Ronny Bracken
Chief Operating Officer
"I can't tell you how much of a burden has been lifted off of me since working with Greenlight Guru. T..."
Matt Bellman
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
"With Greenlight Guru, we can present very clearly: this is what we’ve done. this is how we’ve done it..."
Heather Howard
Biomedical Engineer II
"Your software helped us tremendously in the last few months of 2017, during which we had an important..."
Schelte Post
Quality Manager
"Greenlight Guru has been instrumental for us moving so quickly through our ISO 13485 certification an..."
Jed Johnson
Chief Technology Officer
"I really enjoy the new Greenlight Guru Grow product! Especially the customer feedback workflow. I lik..."
Eric Griffith
Senior Product Development Engineer
"We dug deeper to see how other friends we knew were handling their QMS needs and after adding up time..."
Gabriel Sanchez
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
"We wanted a qms solution that was robust enough to grow with us, but simple enough to get us started...."
Kevin McLeod
"There is a seamless integration between all of the modules - and once you understand how one module w..."
Ryan Eggleston
Director of QA/RA

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