"GPS tracking lets them know that there’s accountability — if they’re speeding, we know...."
Kelly Mack
Operations Manager
"The Navigation & Tracking system from GPS to GO allows us to simultaneously navigate our fleet from d..."
Fadi Swayty
Project Manager
"You are right GPS to Go WORKS! We couldn’t be happier with the services. We were even able to resolve..."
Kay Kinder
"GPS TO GO helps us sleep easier at night protecting us from the theft ridden world of construction an..."
Adam Sarumi
"This system is very advanced for something so affordable. It really gives us everything we need in th..."
Tam Payman
"We really like to use our GPS tracking system from GPS to GO to watch in real time just where our win..."
Kevin Stanley
Skyreach Window Cleaning Inc
"Using the GPS system from GPS to GO has really gone well. It is accomplishing what I wanted it to do..."
Gary Potvin
"Since using the GPS Trackers, we have reduced some administration tasks in our office and it has made..."
Therese Levesque
Molly Maid
"We are a heating and air conditioning contractor in Ottawa and surrounding area. 3 years ago we put a..."
Alan Violini
"EMCO is Canada’s largest and oldest plumbing supplier. We wanted to verify the whereabouts of our dri..."
Jarrett Chalmers
Operations Manager
"Tracking our trucks with the system from GPS to GO gives us & our customers a real professional feeli..."
John Clifford
Hudson Movers Ltd
"Geotab has helped improve the accuracy of our information for invoicing; it gives us more credibility..."
Warren Paxton
Fleet Maintenance Coordinator
"Our partnership with GPS TO GO cannot have been better for our health care agency. Its navigation sys..."
Marie Maitre
Exec. Dir.
"GPS to Go has been very helpful to dispatch my service technicians to sites, confirm their locations..."
Girard’s Lock & Key
"I have had the units in my vehicles for more than year now I find them very reliable and extremely ac..."
Paul St. Jean
"We specialize in high speed internet for rural areas. We have about 2500 of our own customers in Onta..."
Arthur Taillon

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