"We are very satisfied with Geotab’s technology and would highly recommend it to any player in the tr..."
Tania Krauser
Director of Operations
"I was able to prove our HOS compliance by easily printing 6 months of driver logs. I use the HOS func..."
Bill Skinner
Safety Director
"We had no way to tell if our previous fuel consumption reports were accurate — it was just numbers on..."
Chad Cillessen
Chief Information Officer
"Our trucks were crisscrossing each other. With Geotab, I was able to show how many times we were cros..."
Dave Dyer
Fleet Manager
"We have seen savings in fuel between $1,500 and $2,000 per month...."
Dave Hardy
Fleet Supervisor
"There are a lot of providers out there for telematics, but what it comes down to are the features and..."
Red Hawk Fire & Security
"If the vehicle is supposed to be on the job, I’d like to know that it’s on the job...."
Harry Harmes
Franchise Owner, ServiceMaster
"Not everyone’s willing to have a flexible product. They have a commercial, off-theshelf product and t..."
Thomas L. Kuczynski
Chief Information Officer
"The Geotab system has the ability to be easily customized for your particular operation. The amount o..."
Niska Hodgson
Log Haul and Forest Renewal Coordinator
"Ten years from today, one of these students is going to be out in the world having done something ext..."
Dean Kamen
"The main reason we implemented the Geoforce-Geotab integration is to track vehicle location. We want..."
Dan Haseman
Logistics Coordinator
"We are now able to monitor and improve fuel consumption and predict CO2 emissions allowing us to moni..."
Joe Walshe
Operations and Systems Manager
"Geotab has allowed us to substantially improve our fleet management. We now have complete supervision..."
Lorenzo Uriarte
Fleet Manager
"I have had some experience of other solutions in the market, but I think our Reseller went above and..."
Martin Caddick
Head of Transport
"The pre- and post-trip inspections that the Hours of Service logs are giving was a good way for us to..."
Scott Rayburn
Inside Operations Manager
"Geotab has tightened up our fleet operations, allowing me to identify drivers who need to improve, an..."
Nick Johnson
Fleet Manager

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