"We are very satisfied with Geotab’s technology and would highly recommend it to any player in the tr..."
Tania Krauser
Director of Operations
"From a CSA-compliance standpoint, one of the highest point violation citations our drivers receive is..."
Larry Sullivan
Vice President
"Our drivers are now more respectful and more cautious about what they’re writing down and how they’re..."
Anna Prosperi
Office Manager
"It’s a sophisticated system, I would recommend it to anyone...."
Mark Jacoby
Area Director
"Now, we don’t have to call drivers and distract them — we can just look at the screen and know where..."
Kelly Mack
Operations Manager
"There has been a dramatic improvement in the level of customer service. We’ve been able to give them..."
Ryan Marenger
"Our goal has been to keep this company accident-free and we were happy to add a tool that could help..."
Steve Schaefer
Fleet Manager
"Our authorized Geotab reseller, is flexible and really easy to work with...."
Greg Spohn
Director of Operations and Fleet
"Geotab seems to continually want to move forward and improve the product, and that’s the kind of comp..."
Russell A. Paine
Vice President
"There are a lot of providers out there for telematics, but what it comes down to are the features and..."
Red Hawk Fire & Security
"If the vehicle is supposed to be on the job, I’d like to know that it’s on the job...."
Harry Harmes
Franchise Owner, ServiceMaster
"This program allows you to ‘be in the know’ of your fleet and what is really going on. We have been a..."
Brittany Peter
Fleet and Asset Manager
"Geotab is easy to use and yet offers data that is incredibly valuable for management and decisionmaki..."
Mark Green
Fleet Manager
"The Geotab system has the ability to be easily customized for your particular operation. The amount o..."
Niska Hodgson
Log Haul and Forest Renewal Coordinator
"The main reason we implemented the Geoforce-Geotab integration is to track vehicle location. We want..."
Dan Haseman
Logistics Coordinator
"Transportation remains the greatest risk of any international construction project. Safety is our num..."
Joe Shone
TAP Project Logistics Manager

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