"We are very satisfied with Geotab’s technology and would highly recommend it to any player in the tr..."
Tania Krauser
Director of Operations
"Not only are we able to track drivers at all times, but with improved stop-time information, we also..."
Benoit Chenier
Fleet Manager
"It’s a sophisticated system, I would recommend it to anyone...."
Mark Jacoby
Area Director
"We do have some other ways we can figure out where a truck is, but hands down most of our fleet manag..."
Barry Wertz
Director of Risk Management and Safety
"There has been a dramatic improvement in the level of customer service. We’ve been able to give them..."
Ryan Marenger
"Our goal has been to keep this company accident-free and we were happy to add a tool that could help..."
Steve Schaefer
Fleet Manager
"Maintenance costs have definitely reduced now that we’re monitoring our trucks...."
Ken Kapson
Fleet, IT, and Building Manager
"There are a lot of providers out there for telematics, but what it comes down to are the features and..."
Red Hawk Fire & Security
"From an owner’s perspective, I’m really driven to improve their efficiency and safety in the vehicles..."
Don Teemsma
President, Ideal Plumbing
"If you don’t track the information, then you can’t do anything to really improve your performance...."
Rodney Raber
Fleet Manager
"This program allows you to ‘be in the know’ of your fleet and what is really going on. We have been a..."
Brittany Peter
Fleet and Asset Manager
"Geotab is a great team of people backed by a superior product...."
DJ Harrison
National Fleet Manager
"If for any reason there is an issue with the device, the driver brings it back to us. We give him a n..."
Alberto Viña
"Not everyone’s willing to have a flexible product. They have a commercial, off-theshelf product and t..."
Thomas L. Kuczynski
Chief Information Officer
"We are now able to monitor and improve fuel consumption and predict CO2 emissions allowing us to moni..."
Joe Walshe
Operations and Systems Manager
"Geotab has helped us to improve fleet performance and vehicle and driver safety as well as motivate o..."
Sean McMullen
General Manager Operations

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