"When Genius first came on board it was a fantastic learning experience, we were able to dive deep int..."
Timothy Copp
Vice President of Business Development
"One of the things my father told me is that you gotta be careful, because if you start relying on oth..."
Gary Hinds
"They really were experts. Not only in the software, but they also spoke the language of manufacturing..."
Jennifer Hinds
Hinds-Bock Corporation
"It was getting difficult to manage all these systems that were not talking to each other. That’s when..."
Paul Thomason
General Manager
"One of the main reasons that we chose Genius ERP was that the Genius software was designed and suppor..."
Bill Kennedy
Purchasing Manager
"Overall, Genius Manufacturing ERP has allowed our business to be more proactive, rather than reactive..."
Pat Kennedy
"Implementation of our Genius Manufacturing software was short and painless. Even with over 200,000 pa..."
Pierre Olivier
Director of Engineering
"With Genius, our orders are shipped on time, every time!..."
Martin Vezina
General Manager
"Genius saves us 2-3 days a month on accounting with its automated reports!..."
Daniel Belleau
Production Manager
"Genius Manufacturing is easy to use and easy for the students to learn...."
Adnene Hajji
"We replaced Epicor with GENIUS ERP and we are very happy with the change. Genius is way faster than E..."
Eric Dubé
"We have had an excellent experience with Genius. Their personnel are very knowledgeable and professio..."
Stuart McLean
Director Of Engineering
"Highly recommended. Would deal with them in future without a doubt!..."
Tarek Ibrahim
"Very good ERP. Easy to use and to create personnal reports. We use Genius in the whole manufacturing..."
Jean Vermette
Production Supervisor
"We are a startup and I choose to go with Genius in SAAS. Easy to use with a good and fast customer se..."
Sylvain Pelletier
"I like Genius system setup, ease of use, report editing ability is among the best with Report Builder..."
Mauro Horta

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