"GatherContent is really helpful because it has a very low learning curve. We can confidently share ac..."
Dan Wiggle
Digital Communications Manager
"GatherContent has eliminated the client learning curve of our content production process. Clients log..."
Ryan Smith
Director of Digital Strategy
"Content strategists that don’t spend a significant portion of their time accounting for how things wi..."
Devin Asaro
Senior Content Strategist
"Before GatherContent we used separate Google docs or Word docs, all via email. It was a huge issue be..."
Katie Pritchard
Account Strategist
"Customers know their business best. We worry about the technical side and structure so they can focus..."
Joe Rinaldi
Creative Supervisor
"GatherContent addresses the elephant in the room during a web project. It is often difficult to know..."
Jill Farley
UX/Content Strategist
"We had about 10 people writing in GatherContent. It was nice to be able to collaborate in real time...."
Ayla Peacock
Marketing Lead
"GatherContent is a game changer. Our content processes used to involve an ineffective mix of spreadsh..."
Mark McClendon
Partner & Executive Director
"I wasn’t looking forward to the content gathering process. Not only do I detest versions of Word docu..."
Charles Edamala
Chief Technology Officer
"GatherContent has been a huge success for website creation and continual maintenance at Illinois Stat..."
Zach Parcell
Content Strategy and User Experience Manager
"It works seamlessly for our internal team and our clients...."
Jason Donovan
"I can't exactly quantify the time we've saved by using GatherContent but let's say that for 300 pages..."
Jenny Clift
Content Manager
"We used GatherContent to efficiently collect, store and re-organise content in order to transition it..."
Jeremy Grimoldby
Senior Digital Content Executive
"It’s good to have one place where we can upload content and everyone who requires it knows where to a..."
Katy Bennett
Associate Professor in Human Geography
"GatherContent has made updating course information so much more efficient for staff in Marketing as w..."
Sam Winter
Senior Marketing Officer
"The benefit of using GatherContent for our online prospectus is that we can collate all of the differ..."
Fraser Smith
Project Manager

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