"When we started using GatherContent we thought the integration would be the killer feature. It is fan..."
Ask Hybel
Director of strategy and communication
"The dilemma for us was that we needed to keep several channels up-to-date and also tailor the UX to m..."
Rasmus Skjoldan
Founder and Content Strategist
"Before GatherContent we used separate Google docs or Word docs, all via email. It was a huge issue be..."
Katie Pritchard
Account Strategist
"Customers know their business best. We worry about the technical side and structure so they can focus..."
Joe Rinaldi
Creative Supervisor
"GatherContent has eliminated the client learning curve of our content production process. Clients log..."
Ryan Smith
Director of Digital Strategy
"We like that GatherContent feels like a website to use – that really helps us write and edit specific..."
Helen Leech
Senior Editorial Officer
"Content strategists that don’t spend a significant portion of their time accounting for how things wi..."
Devin Asaro
Senior Content Strategist
"GatherContent is an absolutely crucial part of the way we work. We would be screwed without it...."
Julio Taylor
UX Director and MD
"Content is what makes or breaks a project so we take it seriously to ensure our projects stay on trac..."
Evan Young
Content Strategist
"GatherContent has given us a tool to get content started early in our website projects. I love the Wo..."
Beth Blinebury
Owner & Designer
"I've never met an organisation that didn't need help with their web content. Taking a content-first a..."
Karen McGrane
CEO & Managing Partner
"We're much a much more organized agency because of it...."
Jessica Vozel
"We used GatherContent at Parkinson’s UK to launch a new section of our website. We were auditing and..."
Samantha Hopps
Senior Content Editor
"Using GatherContent for our blog content means that the content team isn’t inundated with emails...."
Rosanna Boscawen
Senior Content and Communities Editor
"We standardized the creation of content workflow across our teams...."
Rupesh Sarvankar
"We used GatherContent to efficiently collect, store and re-organise content in order to transition it..."
Jeremy Grimoldby
Senior Digital Content Executive

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