"It wasn’t very long before FunctionFox had paid for itself many, many times over,It speeded up my inv..."
Mouncey Ferguson
Mouncey & Company
"We found ourselves having countless meetings – not to talk about creative approaches to client challe..."
Ginna Royce
President and Creative Director
"FunctionFox has proven to be indispensable,It helps determine time allocated to projects, track costs..."
Marilyn Foreman
Finance Manager
"Logging my time and checking my progress is the easiest part of my day. It does the heavy lifting so..."
Stussy Tschudin
Founding Principal
"It's Nice To Be Able To Instantly Generate A Report At Any Given Time To See Where Each Employee Is W..."
Christine Hollinden
"We Loved Having Access To The Development Team, And Being Able To Talk Directly To Another Functionfo..."
Keith Vest
Co-founder of PAVE
"We could see that we had the capacity to handle the work without replacing the departing designers, F..."
Virginia Boggie
Partner at Suburbia Advertising
"We couldn't be happier with it, Now we know exactly how much time each project takes, so our billing..."
Deirdre Campbell
Partner at Tartan
"FunctionFox has made our entire staff more efficient, has increased our productivity and profits and..."
Ken Jurina
President & Ceo
"FunctionFox allows me the control I want as an owner, and the simplicity I crave as a designer. My te..."
Matt Simpson
Infusion Group
"As a company that is pillared on our creativity and not necessarily our sensational math skills, we c..."
Favilli Studio
"We did everything ourselves. The product — called FunctionFox — was conceived, researched, designed a..."
Mary-Lynn Bellamy-Willms
Co-Founder and CEO
"The best thing about FunctionFox is really the customer service. I think it’s so important to get the..."
Cambie Sidhu
Assistant Team Leader
"We enjoy FunctionFox. I’ve only heard one minor quibble: some people wish they could click once to en..."
Mercedes Cardenas
Client Relations Manager
"We’ve used FunctionFox for over a decade and it’s hard to imagine agency life without it. The reporti..."
David Bell
"FunctionFox has changed my life! At the click of the mouse I can get information that previously had..."
Joann Wood
WDG Communications

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