"When I came across Fleetio, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for many of our employees have i..."
Brady Wilson
"We love that Fleetio is a one stop shop for housing all information that pertains to our fleet...."
Charles Joseph
"We needed a better management system to oversee vehicle maintenance. Now, with Fleetio, we save about..."
Bob Smith
Facilities Manager
"What we love about Fleetio is the versatility we have by keeping up with each and every one of our vi..."
Stefan Legal
Operations Manager
"The roads in Africa are very demanding on our vehicles. Fleetio allows us to easily keep track of the..."
Ollie Blackwell
Fleet Manager
"With Fleetio, we have been able to notice trends in gas consumption and repair costs. We are also mak..."
Bill Dowd
CEO, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control
"Before Fleetio my drivers went in for the typical oil change and tire rotation and balance whenever t..."
Heather Turner
Office Manager
"Fleetio’s user interface was by far the easiest of the software options we looked at. Our employees a..."
Greg Taylor
Service Director
"Absolutely loving what we can do with Fleetio! It’s been a revelation!..."
Jason Smith
Manchester Metropolitan University
"Seriously, best support ever!..."
Michael Johnson
Lightning Hybrids
"Having all this vehicle information in one location is very desirable to us. We can have a smaller gr..."
Kevin Richardson
Vice President of Operations
"Our company can scale appropriately with Fleetio Drive...."
Chris Mondeau
Tech Coordinator
"Fleetio makes up 40 percent of what I do. I plan my day based on the Fleetio dashboard...."
Ernest Acevedo
Fleet Maintenance Supervisor
"Fleetio took an opaque process and made it transparent...."
Steve Curtin
National Fleet Supervisor
"I'd recommend Fleetio Manage to anyone looking for a cost-effective, simple, cloud-based solution tha..."
Josh Adam
Inta Maintenance
"Our work mainly revolves around getting new equipment to a site, getting it installed and commissione..."
Peter Head

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